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I have reviewed products that made me laugh, made me recognize genius, made me squirm, but this is the first product I’ve reviewed that made me happy in its simplicity for grandparents who journal.

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Stories from my Grandparent: An Heirloom Journal for Your Grandchild

An Heirloom Grandparent's Journal For Grandchildren

(source: Amazon)

Susan Adcox, a fellow writer and grandmama, has put together a sturdy, hard-covered journal for grandparents who want to leave a written heirloom of memories for their grandchildren.

She has written memory-provoking prompts that make it easy to fill in your story, in your own words, in your own handwriting.

An Heirloom Grandparen'ts Journal For Grandchildren(source:Amazon)

As I looked through the pages of the journal, I thought of my own beloved grandmother; I would have cherished her memories, written in her own hand.

Susan has left places for pictures to be attached, enriching your words, as the story starts from your beginnings and ends with a reminder of love for your grandchild.

The journal takes you through early school experiences, life as a young adult, raising your family and then on to becoming a grandparent.  There are pages to reminisce about your grand’s entry into this world (makes me tear up thinking about that blessed day of Sweet E’s arrival), what you love about them and what your dreams are for them.

The last chapter is entitled Just About Me.  This is your place to share things that your grandchild might not ever know, might not think to ask.  What’s your favorite painting?  (I never thought to ask my grandmother that)  What’s an invention you never wished happened, or what’s your favorite invention?  What’s your favorite quote?  What are your political beliefs? (Sweet E is growing up in a politically passionate and diverse family…he wouldn’t have to ask this one!)

There are about 109 pages of questions to be answered; it’s a lifetime of memories.  While the volume may seem daunting, it’s completely doable.  As I pass this book along to Boy’s grandparents, I’ll tell them to approach it as a labor of love for those they love so much: their grandchildren.  It’s not about speed or perfection.  It’s about sharing your stories, silliness and all.

The book can be filled in over time and in small bits.  It can be done out of order.  It can be done in ink or marker or pencil.  All I know is it would be a treasured gift for any grandkiddo.

If you are a young mom or dad reading this, hand this journal to one of your kiddos, then steer them in grandma’s/grandpa’s direction.  Sneaky?  Sure.  Totally worth the kiddie-bribe!

If you’re a grandparent…what are you waiting for?  Share you life, your loves, your pains, your wisdom, your laughter, your YOU with your grandchildren.

Happy Journaling!


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  1. Oh, I absolutely love this!! Truly a lifetime of memories.

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      One of the things I love best about this journal is that you can answer a question and then put it down. Come back whenever you want. It’s set up to be easy.

  2. I love this idea! My son is almost 2 and I think I will try to get his Grandma’s to fill this out for him!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Even though it’s for the grandkids, I think everyone will love reading/knowing the stories/history.

  3. I bought two of these for my mother and mother in law to complete for my kids when they were still kids. Mother in law has passed on and that book is a precious item now. I also bought one to fill out myself for each of my grandchildren. They will find them in my dresser drawer when I pass on.

  4. This is precious! Going to pass this along to my parents who have 2 grandbabies

  5. I think this is one of the best ideas going!

  6. I love this idea!! While I will never be a grandparent, This would be the perfect thing for my new niece to giver my Mom for Mothers day! 🙂

  7. Love love love this idea. It is so important for kids to relate to their grandparents and understand their roots. This will be a treasured possession for sure.

  8. What a super fabulous idea. I think everyone will love reading it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      I wish I had a journal, anything really, from my grandparents. This makes it easy for anyone to leave behind part of their history.

  9. Oh, my heart. What a beautiful treasure that would be.

    What a lovely blog you have. I found you through a link thingy. It’s so nice to meet you!

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