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I am sooooo late to the Amazon Prime game, y’all. But, I’m here now!

Amazon Prime

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Years ago, when Boy signed up, he extolled the virtues of being able to order anything he desired from the endless warehouse that is Amazon without meeting the minimum for free shipping, which back in the day was $25. Today, without Prime, you have to meet a minimum of $35, per order, to get free shipping. It was the minimum that stopped me almost every time I wanted to order from Amazon. I don’t have $35 worth of stuff I need, I just need _____.

Last Christmas, I was swamped. I was coming out of my cancer treatment fog and realized I was behind in my shopping. Enter Amazon Prime. I took the leap, if only to make sure Christmas would be saved.

Funny thing happened after I signed up: I kept ordering!

Just yesterday I needed to replace a lacrosse ball I had misplaced. (I use it to release pressure point soreness.) Off I went to a sporting store, hoping to pick up a ball. In and out. Easy peasy. Weirdly, they were out of stock. As I walked out of the store, Garry reminded me we have Prime. D’OH! Of course! As soon as I got home, I ordered a two-pack for $12 and they were delivered in two days, with no extra charge.

That’s right, two days! It’s a perk included in your Prime membership.

For Sweet E’s birthday, I needed one more item for his birthday package. Something small. I searched Amazon, found what I needed and ordered just that one thing for $11. Shipped in two days with no extra fee.

I placed both those orders on the same day, independently of each other. I felt free! AMAZON PRIME FREE!

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So, how does it work?

Amazon Prime:

#1) Buy a Prime membership = $99

#2) Shop and look for this sign that alerts you to eligible products:

Amazon Prime



#3) Enjoy ordering with no minimums per order and free two-day shipping!

Can’t get any easier than that.


With a Prime membership, you also get access to his stuff:

~ Stream thousands of movies and TV shows – included with your membership

~ Prime Music – Over a million songs. Hundreds of playlists. Unlimited music streaming.

~ Prime Photo – Save it once. See it everywhere. Free unlimited photo storage.

~ Lightning Deals – Get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on Amazon, and shop new events on 30 minutes before other customers can access these designer deals.  

~ E-books – A Prime membership includes over 800,000 free ebooks. 

~ Prime Pantry – Prime Pantry is a store where Prime members can shop for groceries and household products in everyday package sizes (for example, a single box of cereal). You can fill a virtual box of items from the Prime Pantry store and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep for a flat delivery fee of $5.99 per box.

This is one membership I won’t have to think twice about renewing. So much stuff is packed into your $99 membership fee!

I can’t believe it took me this long to take the plunge. So far, I am loving my membership and haven’t regretted the purchase. It has saved me time (I didn’t have to schlep all over town looking for lacrosse balls) and because of the two-day delivery, I can order something a few days before I need it.

I imagine if you order from Amazon and aren’t in a hurry to get your stuff, you might not benefit from Prime. As long as you have an order of $35 or more and are willing to wait 5-7 business days for delivery, this might not be for you. That last sentence described the very reasons I never signed up prior to last December. Throw in a need for stuff NOW and limited time to get that stuff, made for perfect timing on my membership purchase.

Although, I will tell you that I tried it free for 30 days just in case it wasn’t for me. And you can too! I’m including the link for the 30-day FREE trial period, below.

Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days! (<clickable link)


Addendum: During the Christmas season, I ordered two high-end electronic items, both of which had to be returned and not only were they the easiest returns I have ever done online, with Amazon providing the return slips and free delivery back to them, they credited my account the day I mailed the items and not the day they received them. This was/is a HUGE BONUS for me.


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  1. My fiance is prime and I am always using his. I def thinks it is worth it!
    elle | southern elle style

  2. it’s great for sending little gifts to grandkids.

  3. I love Amazon Prime, and I’m sure they love ME!!! I never paid shipping before, because I always waited until I had the accumulated $25 or whatever it was, but at last decided to go ahead and get Prime. No looking back. But today I threw out about 20 Amazon boxes (spring cleaning) because I’m pretty sure I order more now than before I had Prime. Hmmm. Still, it’s great and I keep the UPS man happy delivering boxes. He told me that UPS loves Amazon! LOL

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