Anti-Swearing Mints

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…as if these would work. Ha!  Not even close, well, other than filling a piehole with something that makes the swearing harder to understand.  Then, success!

Anti-Swearing Mints

(source: Amazon)

Product Description:

    • Joke anti-swearing mints
    • Cleanses your mind of all profanities
    • Sanitizes your speech before it rolls off your tongue
    • 100 mints per tin


I should probably include these in my Christmas Stocking Stuffer round-up in December, because, COME ON! silly fun.

Unless, of course, you don’t know one person that swears.  I think that would be like knowing where the legendary chupacabra lives or finding a rainbow unicorn: NOT POSSIBLE!

I should warn you that even if I threw a solid handful of these in my dirty dirty mouth, I would most likely spit them out because #1: mint…yuck and #2: there ain’t no cure for what ails me, but most importantly #3: sugarfree?

Oh, hell no. Ooops. Sorry about that.

Happy Shopping, Y’all!



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  1. These mints would not last in my home at all! I am a swearer!

  2. Ummmmmmmm…. YES!! Except I’d probably go through at least a tin a week! Bahahahaha #pottymouth

  3. Haha! I’m sure these would be a great conversation starter type of stocking stuffer for sure!! Stacie xo

  4. haha I thought this was gonna be about how not to swear and I was going to be like “there is no cure for me…” lmao. Thank goodness! xx

    stop by and chat ♥

  5. Love it…will have to buy some. We have a cuss jar at our house & sometimes I think it may pay for the grandkid’s college education!

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