Boogaloos(photo credit: blabla)

These adorable knit dolls are handmade by artisans in Peru and sold in blabla ( a retail store in Atlanta).  Go HERE to have a look around and order.

While those are quite tempting, they also have Hold Me Tight Tear Pillows:

Boogaloos(photo credit: blabla)

Boy had something conceptually similar to this when he was a wee fella, he called it Monster Pillow, so this pulled at my heart strings.  Those of you grandmothers or grandfathers (!) crafty enough to sew (not me) can whip one up for your grand, for the rest of us (just me?!) it’s as easy as placing an order!

What say you?  Order or make?

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  1. I still have mine. It is a small flat pillow covered in satin with a blue pillowcase (probably muslin). I can’t remember the story….if my mom made it, bought it, or received it as a gift when I was a baby – it is too early to call right now and find out. But, she has had to replace the satin and pillowcases a good bit because they fall apart over time.

  2. I would probably order. While I can and do sew my heart just has not been into doing it lately and besides other people do it cuter and better and usually cheaper!

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