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OMT! Snacks

Need More Christmas Crack in Your Life?

A Christmas Crack Fairytale

Come close, my babies.  OMT has a tale to tell. Once upon a time, two years ago to be exact, My sister-in-law made us a Christmas surprise that at first glance seemed nothing more than a healthy snack of nuts and raisins. When I looked upon it, I may or may not have (totally may) …

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Chocolate-Covered Gummy Bears

You read that right, but I’ll go over it again: Chocolate. Covered. Gummie. Bears. Two quick asides before we get to the aforementioned bears: #1) I grew up in West Texas with a German-born mother, whose family sent us packages of the original Haribo Gummie Bears when I was a kid.  No one else knew …

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Valentiney Love Part II

Are you like me and would like to give something from the heart rather than from Target on Valentine’s Day? YES?! Man, are you in luck today. Witness a homemade yummy treat that will make your grandchildren/children/mailman feel the love: source: Wendy Copley Valentiney brilliance! #1) Any sandwich with the crusts cut off signal something …

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