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The Easiest Face Cleansing Method…Ever

Everyone needs to wash their face, right?  But not everyone’s face washing needs are the same, especially as we get older.  Enter an amazing method of cleansing your face that will #1) save you some dough and #2) make you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner and #3) is suited for pretty much everyone. …

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Boost Mobile vs Sprint

A year ago-ish, my Blackberry started to fizzle.  I loved that phone, yet was no longer in contract at Sprint and thought I’d look around to see what I could find out about saving me some dough. The following videos chronicle my journey (the final video was filmed 5/6/13): Sprint vs Boost Mobile: Part One …

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The Texting While Driving Lie

We tell ourselves we aren’t like them, that we got this thing, that we pay attention enough to text and drive.  Uh-huh. To put it West Texas indelicately: bullshit. I’m not gonna lecture with stats.  I’m not gonna shame folks.  I’m also not gonna turn a blind eye to accidents and deaths that are Easy-Bake-Oven …

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