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Valentiney Lurv Thangs

Love is like a child, that longs for everything it can come by.  ~William Shakespeare Ah, love. I know it’s only January, but the Day O’Love will be upon us soon (and is already upon us via retailers).  Not to mention FB*! In honor of The Day O’Love, I offer a bit O’Valentiney lurv. ~ …

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Books Books Books

Raising a reader = reading to baby…and toddler…and all the stages after. I asked a question on Facebook: If you had to give just one book, what book would it be? This post will focus on ages 3 to 8-years-old. From Wendy: Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy Town for ages 3 and up. [source: Amazon]   …

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Reader Recommended Toy Company

Two well-trusted friends clued me in and have nothing but high praise for Fat Brain Toys. #1: LOVE the name. #2: LOVE the name! As an educator-at-heart and lifelong self-learner, Fat Brain Toys appeal to my desire to share toys that serve more than one purpose, ie play.  Yesyesyes, play is important (ahem, Mrs. Tucker …

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First Book

One of our all-time favorite books given as a gift when Boy was just our tiny bunny, was Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s …

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Yes. Just Yes.

This is what being a grandparent is all about: finding the coolest stuff to spoil our grands. Fine.  It’s not totally what being a grandparent is all about, maybe not even close, but it rates BIG in my spoil-them-rotten-to-get-even book.  I fully acknowledge I’m still new at this, but lookie what I found: [source] Here’s …

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