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Has anyone else seen this version of an outdoor highchair?!

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It’s just like your soccer game chair but ohso much better, right?!

It’s called the Ciao! Baby Portable Highchair and comes in many colors, even a camo version, for when the grandbaby wants to go all invisible!

While, I’m totally digging this highchair, I’m wondering if it’s all that safe. The baby looks comfortable, but would you trust it?

The few reviews say they’re great and I could see using it with strict supervision (like we’re gonna let our grandchildren out of our sight).  The pluses would be the portability and being so lightweight.

What say you?  Would you buy this or not?




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  1. Peggy @ Moome Nursingwear says

    Looks great for camping! I wouldn’t buy it, simply because I wouldn’t use it enough.

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      I was thinking about around the house as well, thinking it would make an easy-to-store solution to the bulkier rigid type.

  2. well, I’m not sure….but mostly because part of my grandkid count consist of TWO sets of twins – guess I am just used to finding something cute, not thinking the price was “that bad” and then going, “oh wait! I’d need TWO of these…and then walking away due to cash or storage shortage (usually both!) I think peeps who love to camp would like this, though.

  3. The highchair days are long behind us but like you, even if I needed one it looks just a bit to wobbly for me! I would be concerned it could be tipped over to easily — like when your big yellow lab tries to grab a treat out of the baby’s hand….

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