Coffee + Science = Smarty Pant’s Dream

I filed this under the “Health” tab, because as we all know, coffee is now good for us (well, at least according to some of the studies somewhere on the Internet), which works in Mrs. Tucker’s favor since she drinks about 32 ounces of the brown nirvana a day. I see you doing the math.  Yes, four cups.  I drink four cups.  For my health, I tell ya!

Some of you may not know this, but science is fun!  No really.  I’ve heard it is.  Fun like the math you so eagerly did up there…

When we can combine science and coffee, well, that may be as good as it will ever get.

Take a look at this badboy:

Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

[source: Amazon]


Is anyone else thinking “Breaking Bad” here?!

Shake it off!  This is totally legal cookin’!

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If you want to try and decipher the “how-to” of the NEW HARIO Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker TCA-5 for five 5Cup (Japan Import): go HERE.

I think I’ll stick with my Cuisinart 12-cup machine.  Any takers for the Hario?



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  1. Groovy! This is so cool, and I don’t even drink coffee most of the time!!

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      Wouldn’t it be fun, especially if you needed to don goggles?! Also, the description and instructions on the Amazon site cracked me up.

  2. I could totally groove on this. Cool find!

  3. So funny! This is actually an old way of making coffee. I have a couple of vintage coffee makers that use this vacuum method of brewing coffee. You can see a picture of them on my blog post, “The Evolution of my Vintage Kitchen”. Nice to know how the principle works! I love coffee any way it’s made!

  4. YES! I immediately thought Breaking Bad — and as for consumption.. I so have you beat! We probably brew 4 pots a day between the 2 of us and most of it (sadly) gets downed by one of us! I have given up all my other vices — don’t mess with my coffee.

  5. Oh yeah! A perfect tool for Walt and Jesse! And me … for coffee, of course! Very cool. Thanks for linking to the GRAND Social! Happy Monday!

  6. The grandkids would love watching it work its magic.


  1. […] what now? First, I bring you the fun-time Bunsen burner Breaking Bad-esque siphon coffeemaker and now an updated siphon coffeemaker that you use on your stovetop? Yes, my babies, […]

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