Cookie Butter? Cookie. Butter.

You read that right.  I have just discovered a product called Cookie Butter and my life, nor my future grandson’s, will never be the same.

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This particular jar was purchased at Trader Joe’s during my very first visit (Quick Link Here):

Cookie Butter?  Cookie. Butter.

After Husband and I dug our spoons into the jar, we understood this poor little jar has no chance against our newly enlightened taste buds.

While I did the grown-up version of celery and peanut butter with a spicy pretzel…

Spicy Pretzels

…your grands can schmear this on everything from waffles to pancakes to toast to good old celery.  Just know once you introduce them to this magical concoction in a jar, you better have one on hand when they visit because it is garunteed to become an instant (INSTANT!) hit.

Lawsy.  So good.



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