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Electrifying Electro-Therapy

Head’s up, buttercups! I was asked by Omron to test drive their newest healthcare tool for pain relief/reduction and I jumped at the chance because I was hoping for relief from my continuing painful running injury.

FYI: I’ve been asked by many companies to write about their products and this is the first one I have accepted. The other reviews you see on OMT! are because I LOVE the products and because I think they can add to our lives. When you see a review here, you can trust my intent. What you see or read here is for real, yo! 100% my opinions. Part of my review deal is that the company isn’t allowed to coach or weigh-in. Not even if they pay me in cake. SEE?! Reviews you can trust!

The Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTherapy Pro

This is what the complete pack looks like.

Omron Electro-Therapy Pro Review and Giveaway!
This is the handheld/clip-on device to set your desired electro-impulses levels:

Omron Electro-Therapy Pro Review and Giveaway!

Manufacturer Product Deets:

The new Pain Relief ProTM is versatile and empowers the user with more choices for relieving your pain. Choose from one of the five pain modes to target specific problem spots and 10 power levels of intensity designed to create a personalized experience. In addition to more modes and power levels, Omron is offering three soothing massage-like modes for the first time.

  • FDA cleared: Available without a prescription; uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology for home use.
  • Eight pre-set modes for those with multiple aches & pains:
  • Five for pain in the Arm, Lower Back, Leg, Foot and Join
  • Three for just relaxing muscles (Tap, Knead, Rub)
  • 10 Power Levels of Intensity to reach your exact type of pain.
  • LCD Screen: Makes for easier viewing and control.
  • Self-Adhesive Long Life Pads: Comfy and reusable up to 150 times.
  • Small, Portable: The size of a smartphone and can be used at work, home or travel.
  • Timer: Automatic 15 minute shut off.


I have long known that electrotherapy is helpful for range-of-motion, chronic pain and sports injuries. If this is your first time reading about it, READ THIS helpful article for a better understanding.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what the heck did I think about the product?

(For the record, I am not offering medical advice, because, well, I’m a writer, not a medical doctor.)

In a nut shell (for a demonstration watch the video below…if you dare!):

1) The running injury pain relief was a bust (to be fair, nothing I have used to alleviate this pain has helped but OTCs, which I take reluctantly). After a week’s worth of use, I found some pain relief (I went from a 6 to a wiggling 5) and that was a pleasant surprise, but certainly not what I had hoped for….but…my foot injury is tendon-based, not muscle-related. My initial thoughts prior to using the Omron leaned to the skeptical for any pain-relief, as tendons are a harder nut to crack, pain-wise. While I was happy to have even the slightest relief, the Omron was not going to be my magical solution.

2) I also have a chronic back injury (caused by a dead-lift gone wrong, many years ago Oh, Mrs. Tucker!) that flares in the winter months because of the cold. Cold weather = tight muscles. The first time I used the Omron on my back, I was skeptical that it could make a big difference. I. Was. Wrong.

The big difference? My back pain involved muscle. A big BIG difference from tendon.

After my 15 minutes of treatment was up, I took off the pads and dared my back to be pain-free. DO IT! On a scale of 1-10, before treatment, my pain was at a 5-6. After treatment, my pain was a solid 0-1. WHAT?!

Seriously, ain’t no one more surprised that OMT!

To test the relief, I did jumping jacks. I did a few stretches. I basically acted the fool trying to get the pain to return in an AH-HA, GOTCHA! moment of being faked out by the Omron. Um, it didn’t happen.

Each time I’ve used it since, I have experienced incredible relief. (this very morning, after I went outside in 20° weather to take pics of our South Texas Polar Vortex ice, my back was tight from the c-o-l-d) Each time, I’m surprised and delighted.

Omron for the back pain relief win!

To be clear, it doesn’t cure any underlying issues, but it did offer me pain relief without OTCs. I will avoid meds like no one’s business. OMT! likey!

Want more…more…more?! Someone get the lights and let’s go to the video!

There you go. The Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTherapy worked for my problem areas (also successfully tested on a Husband’s shoulder hot-spot that resulted in sustained and long-lasting pain relief). I’m thrilled to have one more effective tool in my pain-relief bag o’tricks. As an adult athlete, there is always something that needs a little pain-relief TLC. When I’m back to running regularly, I know this baby will be placed on ALL THE SPOTS!

Before I go…would you like a chance to WIN ONE?!

Yes!  This is the part I love the most…sharing a find with you!

The folks at Omron have generously offered ONE OMRON PRO (a $70 value!) for a giveaway.  Enter below, my babies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


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