FaceTime Made Simple

We live in a techy world; you either avoid it or embrace it.  I’m an embracer, but just in case you aren’t, I’m here to help your HALP!

Facetime Made Simple, yo.

(yo is slang for dude, hustler, gangsta.  i’m also an embracer of pop culture slang.  i can’t help myself)

1) Buy an iPhone.  Androids do not have facetime, and, according to my techy fact-checker, WILL NEVER EVER.

2) Activate FaceTime by doing this: Settings > FaceTime > On.

3) Reboot your phone, ie turn it off, wait a few minutes then turn your phone back on.  Boy taught me years ago: if you add something, it’s a good idea to reboot.

4) You and the person to whom you will be FaceTiming must both be using either an iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or an iPad. THIS IS KEY!  I have an Android, Husband an iPhone and Boy an iPhone.  If we FaceTime it has to be between Husband’s and Boy’s phones.

5) Assume you need wifi in order to make the calls. When FaceTIme first arrived on the scene, wifi was the only way the calls could be placed.  But, with the iOS6 things be a’changing. Still, if you go and read that highlighted link, you will see that your carrier has to agree and blahblahblah.  Assume wifi!

6) Call the person you wish to FaceTime. When you have both said Howdy Do! (what?!  you don’t answer the phone like that?), hit the FaceTime icon and be prepared to know exactly how.George Jetson felt every. single. day.

Bonus Tip:

If you’re certain your callee has wifi and you have wifi (a whole other post), just look up the callee in your contacts >  tap callee’s  name > tap the FaceTime button. BAM! FaceTime’d!

Final Tip:

Listen, you’re of a certain age. You have a worldly image.  You’ve seen things.  You’ve lived a full life.  That demands respect.  Try to hold it together once the call is placed and you inwardly marvel at the wonder that is this world we live in.  Try to wait until no one can see you before get all squeally and clappy like the dork writing this post.



Any FaceTimers out there?  Any tips to add?


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  1. I don’t have an iPhone. :^( Neither does my son (though I think he’d really love one, since he loves everything Apple). I guess the closest I’m going to get it Skype… but even for that I need to get a camera to hook up to the computer. However, since my granddaughter is not local and is often gallivanting with her mother to far away places (currently Philadelphia), I’m gonna go look for a camera this week.

    How’d you do on the Final Tip? :^D

  2. I’ve had a iphone for 3 years and didn’t know I could do this. 🙂 Is it any wonder i”m taking a social media course?

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      Well, now you know. If I had an iphone, you could work out the bugs and have your OMGOODGOLLY moment with me! No go have some fun with it.


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