Father’s Day Wish List

Is it that time again?  Time to honor our dads and offer them stuff they’d love to have but might never buy for themselves?


Let’s shop!

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Zippo Lighter: Brushed Chrome 1941 Replica

Zippo 1941 Replica Brushed Chrome

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

    • Genuine zippo lighter with distinctive zippo click
    • Exterior: flat planes with sharper, less rounded edges where front and back surfaces meet sides
    • Interior: sides of inside unit are flatter with squared edges where they meet front and back surfaces
    • Finish: brushed chrome
    • Windproof lighter
    • Made in USA

I am in no way encouraging smoking, but this product is quintessential Dad for so many in my generation.  I swear I can hear the distinctive click when my Dad used to open his lighter to light his cigarettes.  When he died, the only things I wanted was either his lighter or typewriter, because they were each such a timeless part of him and his generation.

But what of Dads of this generation?  Like Boy Scouts, they should always be prepared to make fire, and with a classic Zippo on hand they’ll never need matches again.

ManHands Bacon Scented Hand Soap

Gifts for Dad

(source: Amazon)

Dad smelling like bacon = a man’s delicious dream.  The one problem I see with this product is that Dad will want MORE BACON!

More. Bacon.  Get to it.

Opinel Pocket Knife

The Opinel knives were crafted and made popular by the working man.  You know one of them, right?  This is a perfect gift for any dad.

Gifts for Dad

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

    • Handle: Beechwood
    • Blade: Stainless Steel
    • Size: 4-1/8″ closed – Blade 3-1/8
    • Packaging: Boxed

A good pocket knife will last for years and get Dad out of many a jam, maybe even spread a little jam.  Mmmmm, jam…

For a bit of BBQ fun: The Grill Sergeant Apron

Last year I featured the Tactical Apron (it’s linked below in the “OMT Recommends” section after the post), and this one is as much fun!

Gifts for Dad

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

    • Get your grill on
    • Our unique camouflage grilling apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun.
    • One size fits all with adjustable strap
    • Makes a Great Fun Gag Gift
    • Great for parties

The slots for cans cracked me up as I recalled the movie Daddy Day Care. Do you think juice boxes would fit?!

And finally, a high-end, kick-ass gift, for the dad who is always ready to out badass all the other dads (thanks to you): The Bison Airlighter

Check this short video out:

One of these badboys will be the envy of all the other dads in the land!

No more ties, people.  Lame-o City is in the rearview mirror because you gonna get dad something that exudes cool, makes him laugh or just makes him look at you in awe.  My kid!  The Best!!

Happy Shopping for the special Dad in your life!


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  1. This is awesome! I especially love the slots for beer cans. What do you think the odds would be that everything on the grill would be burnt if they drank that many beers while they were grilling? LOL And bacon scented soap…I will not be giving that one to the hubby!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      I’ve seen dudes in WTexas easily go through that many and keep on grillin’! Husband advised me not to ever get him bacon soap, but the Airlighter he’d like to own.

  2. T'onna Peters (Navy Wifey Peters) says

    My husband could really use that apron!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  3. Fun ideas! Thanks for linking up at Wonderful Wed Blog Hop. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow


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