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I’m a whiskey drinker.  I also like beer, wine, mixed drinks…fine, alcohol, I like alcohol.  But, whiskey, ahhh whiskey, holds a special place in my heart.

Maker’s Mark makes a fine whiskey.  Maker’s Mark also makes Maker’s 46. It’s my latest love.

Put me beside a roaring outdoor fire, fill my glass with 46 and Coke, throw in some roasted unshelled peanuts, and I’m one happy gal.

No baby, this is for grandma.  You can have some juice.

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  1. For me? A good Vodka, some diet tonic water, a slice of lemon are a top pick. The roaring fire and roasted peanuts sound great. So wintery. Makers 46 sounds like someone I’d like to meet however.

  2. I have really come to enjoy wine. I love the idea of the roaring fire and the peanuts but could mine be inside by a fireplace?

  3. I’m a whiskey drinker, too. Beer (Bohemia) is okay. Wine (merlot) is okay. But I’d much rather have a whiskey and seven. I recently went to a Bushmills Whiskey tasting. Good stuff. Have never had Maker’s Mark but will not be on the lookout for it.

  4. May I introduce you to Angel’s Envy?
    Two fingers of this and I arrive at my happy place. (The B in my grandma name stands for Barstool, by the way…my granddaughter doesn’t know this yet. She thinks I am Grannie B because I have a bee-themed guest room. When she’s older we’ll explain. Maybe.)


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