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Grandads of the World: Have I got something fun for you!

I ran across these cool kitchen tools (a tool is a tool, am I right?!) that may possibly cause your cool factor with the grands to skyrocket.

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Check out the Pizza Saw:

Pizza Saw

[source: Amazon-Fred and Friends]

And the Cake Saw:

Cake Saw

 [source: Amazon-Fred and Friends]

Come On!  So cool!

I can see the grands negotiating only pizza and cake for dinners when visiting (wait. do they do that already?!), so they can have a shot at using Grandpa’s kitchen tools.  Or Grandma’s, cause I know some pretty amazing DIY gals who own their own power tools.  Yeah, they do!

Want to raise your cool factor? Get these.

Ignore if you’re wearing black socks with shorts.



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  1. In what reality do you even think Grampy knows where the kitchen is much less how to use a kitchen tool? Amara would laugh!

  2. LOL I’m with Kc – over here grandpa thinks the kitchen is a drive-up window! But seriously, my dear, where do you find this cute stuff? You have me all nervous about finding the cookie stamp and now I gotta have these for my grandsons too! When we bake together, they won’t let go of the hand mixer (cement mixer, I mean!) or the rolling pin (steam roller!). Our muffins are always “over-mushed” and cookies are always 1/20″ thick and take 30 seconds to bake! Ah, the joys of a grandma! You are headed to nothing but FUN for the rest of your life! I am so happy for you!

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      Thank you so much for the laugh and the happy thoughts. When Boy was an itty bitty, I thought how useful it would be for him to learn to cook. Now he’s a whiz in the kitchen and G-Daddy ain’t so bad himself! These two items cracked me up and I thought they’d be fun to get FB interested in the kitchen as well (when the time comes!).

      • See that is why Grampy doesn’t know where the kitchen is — his own mother never taught him. She was a wonderful woman but very old school and men were not supposed to go in the kitchen. And since he is also directionally impaired I’ve given up trying to show him where it’s at!

  3. Shew! I have my tan socks on today. They’re usually black, regardless of what I’m wearing (well, in terms of pants!). But I’m not a grandPA, so that’s okay.

    Very cool kitchen gadgets! Gotta get me some of that for the grandpa who shares the kitchen with me. Now maybe he’ll share the kitchen work with me, too. At least when it comes to cutting stuff up. Cute!

    Thanks for linking, my friend!

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