Hipster’s Fashion Roots Point to Grandparents

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As much as we think we’re fashion originals (hello…I wore red Chuck Taylor’s, men’s ties, and boy’s polos before it was cool), we’re all just a bunch of bogarting grandpa/grandma wannabes.

Yeah, I’m including the you, you younger-than-me whippersnappers.

Take a look:

How Fashion is Influenced by Our Grandparents

Surprised? I was. But, I gotta admit, happenin’ is happenin’, hip is hip. Can’t fight good fashion.

What have you swiped from granny’s/grandpa’s closet to make your own?



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  1. I have some vintage jewelry that belonged to my MIL. I should wear it more often…

  2. FUN POST! 🙂

  3. Carol Covin says

    I’ve found there’s about a 30-year-cycle in fashion. If I can just hang on, my clothes start coming back. But, my real find was when a jewelry designer friend helped me go through my Mom’s old, clunky costume jewelry. It’s totally back in style and I’ve now got a whole new wardrobe of jewelry!

  4. The older I get the more her colorful scrubs with the big pockets call to me. What can I say? My back’s starting to hurt carrying a purse around. ; ) BB2U

  5. Okay so if I only qualify for three out of the ten signs of being a Hipster, does that mean I can still be classed as quirky/eclectic/individual? Or has my Punky Brewster-esque sense of “style” (and I use the term loosely) been absorbed into the Hipster sub-culture? Oh no. I’m going to have to drown my sorrows in another cup of coffee…or have they taken coffee over too?!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Oh man, they took over coffee a few years back, but…I think we’re safe because tea is currently the “it” thang. Whew.

  6. Angela - My Personal Accent says

    Love the post! Never quite looked at fashion that way but maybe I should relook at my closet!

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