How to Win At Gift Giving: A Candy Club!

Who here loves to eat, look at, eat, gift, eat, get…candy?!


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Behold: Candy Club!

Y’all…I knew there were fruit baskets of the month and I knew there were meat baskets of the month, but CANDY BOXES OF THE MONTH?!  I swear I squealed when I saw this.

#1: I love candy.
#2: I know lots of folks who love candy.
#3: This is speaking to all of us in #1 and #2.

Maybe the pic above isn’t doing it for you. How about we chocolate this mofo up in here?!

So, how does it work:

Candy Club is a subscription based company that deliveries 3 LBS of delicious, nostalgic and unique candies to your house on a monthly basis. WE ARE THE CANDY CURATORS. Our candy experts scour the globe to discover hard-to-find candies of the HIGHEST QUALITY. We study details such as taste profiles, texture, color and aesthetic palettes. We take the CANDY STORE and bring it directly to your door!

It’s this easy:

#1: Sign up and choose a plan.

#2: Receive OR gift your monthly box.

#3: EAT ALL DA CANDY! ~or~ Hope your recipient shares!

CLICK HERE to get started!

To make the deal sweeter, you can use either of these coupons:

50% off Plus Free Shipping on the World’s Best Candy!!


$10 off Your First Order

Happy Giving and receiving, y’all!

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