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I Think I Have a Calendar Problem

I’m gonna come right out and say it: I have a calendar problem.

I have two physical ones on my desk (one for the personal day-to-day and one for work).

I have one on my phone.

I have one more on my computer.

And none of them are connected. None of them give me a quick overview of all the parts of my life.

See? Calendar problem.


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While I’m seriously considering making my own, I came across this behemoth and was instantly in love:

I Think I Have a Calendar Problem

(source: AMAZON)

In case you’re not impressed with the size, here ya go:

I Think I Have a Calendar Problem

(source: AMAZON)


Of course, there’s the whole issue of finding a wall for that mammoth.

I’m not even kidding, y’all.

I. Want. This. Calendar.

~ Need to know when a doctor appointment is? Just glance up.

~ Need to know which post is up next? Just a glance will do me.

~ Need to know how many miles I’ve run this week? Side-eye and I know!

Product Deets:


Do you find yourself cramming last minute to reach due dates or missed events because you simply forgot?

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Our at-a-glance calendars easily erases with a touch of water without ghosting or staining.

The calendar planners works with dry erase or wet erase markers.


What better way to surprise your colleagues than to provide a tool for organization and planning by gifting our extra large wall calendars.

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Get your dry erase jumbo wall calendar now!

Simply click “ADD TO CART” and “CHECKOUT”. To hang your calendar, carefully use tacks or pins to mount your giant dry erase wall calendar and start planning your year.

It is a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits!

Product Description:

This calendar was created to help you fully visualize your year to achieve better planning and organization habits.

Seeing the whole year in front of you helps you better visualize your plans and remember all your important dates.

We hope you reach your goals!

To Recap: It’s laminate card stock – NOT a dry erase board.

Because I’m a bit OCD about thumbtacks in mah walls, I’d like a way to frame it out without the use of a heavy frame.

What say you?

Is this a freakin’ WIN! or a saddy sad NONONO!

I gotta get a handle on my calendars for this up coming year.

Four is three too many.

If you have any suggestions, I am all eyes.

Share in the comments!

Let’s get organized and decluttered for 2019.


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Angela Johnson

Thursday 17th of January 2019

I am there with you. I also have 4 calendars, and always checking them. So maybe you do not have a problem after all. Maybe we are more normal than we thought, lol.

Patti Tucker

Friday 18th of January 2019

Normal...yes. WE'RE NORMAL!!!! (uh-huh - yes, we are!)

Pauline Wiles

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

Yes, I'm inclined to agree: we only have one life so it should all be in one calendar. That said, I struggled with this for several years, keeping one for work and one for home and putting most appointments in both. These days, it all goes in Google, but I pander to my paper-preferring side by planning my daily todos and brainstorming goals in a physical notebook. Good luck with your calendar conundrum! (Visiting from the Hearth & Soul Link Party)

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

Lol! I LOVE can I give that up!!

Christie Hawkes

Tuesday 15th of January 2019

I have two calendars--my Outlook Calendar on my phone and computer that hopefully has everything on it and a large laminated one hanging on the wall at home for after-hours commitments. Oh, and one more, because the pictures are pretty. I only write birthdays on that one.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

I have three! One on phone that I rarely utilize - one on desk for personal life - one for biz. So many calendars!


Monday 14th of January 2019

calendar still depends on input--remembering to "pencil" it in. My phone and computer are doing a better job coordinating in who I supposed to meet and when and what's due when [I use Google color options to keep social, work, doctor, travel visually separate]. My handwritten calendar that roosts in my kitchen refuses to keep up--or gets way out ahead..

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 15th of January 2019


jodie filogomo

Monday 14th of January 2019

Hah...we used to have this issue. But I finally weaned myself to the phone and computer where they talk. It wasn't easy, but totally worth it! XOXO Jodie

Patti Tucker

Monday 14th of January 2019

I am a tactile kinda gal - I crave the touch point of a physical calendar.

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