Is It Christmas Yet?!

Every morning I wake up having had the same dream: that FB* (reminiscent of  Boy) has arrived!

Is It Christmas Yet?

Then I realize it was a dream, not for real.  I swear it’s like thinking it”s Christmas morning and then realizing it’s not.

Dang it.

If I’m feeling this much anticipation, how much are Boy and Girl (the name Mrs. Boy just doesn’t resonate with me, so it’s back to “Girl”) feeling?


Seriously.  I know that for planing purposes, Boy and Girl would like FB to cook a bit longer, but with each day that passes I’m thinking he’s coming by the weekend!  It’s a jacked-up joy that is almost too  much to bear.

So much joy.

Help a Granny-to-be out.  Any suggestions on how to pass the time?  Or how to take my mind off the impending birth?

I bow to your suggestions…




* Future Baby

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  1. I propose baking fudge. Then mailing it to me.

    I’m here to help you.

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      I never even thought of that! Well done. Wait. Since I’m not a nervous eater, you’d have to eat the ENTIRE batch. That’s a lot of fudge.

  2. I will take fudge too….double recipe. What else….knitting a baby blanket, quilt a baby blanket

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      Knitting. LOL! quilting. DOUBLE LOL! People of the Internet: Mrs. Tucker is NOT crafty. At. All.

      Would you be willing to share the batch with Shellie?

  3. I think a third batch of fudge is in order and you can send it to us here in the chilly state of AK. Although I am a little crafty, I am not really bake-y. So all baked goods would be greatly appreciated. Cleaning today in preparation of Mama and baby coming home from the hospital. Fingers crossed for your FB coming out as soon as he is ready!!!

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