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If you’ve read here for any length of time, you know that I have an ongoing tweaky back issue that I’m working hard to resolve.

I use my foam roller, I do strengthening work, and because I sit for a large part of every day, I have started using my stability ball as a chair at my desk!

Creative Use for a Stability Ball

Oh my…what rolly fun!

This is my regular chair:

Creative Use for a Stability Ball

Because it’s a bit shorter than my chair seat, I wait until I’m doing research or minor typing, before switching out my wooden chair for the stability ball.  I won’t lie, the stability ball took a bit of getting used to, but once I started using it, I found that not only am I engaging my core when I am sitting, I can also roll out a stretch when needed.

Workout while sitting?  Y-E-S!

This one is very similar to the one I use (they don’t make mine any more):

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Core Stability Ball Uses

(source: Amazon)

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

  • Balance ball workout kit with large (75 cm) exercise ball
  • Exercises abs, back, gluts, hips, arms, and other muscles
  • DVD workouts designed by fitness expert Tanja Djelevic
  • Comes with DVD, air pump, and a high-quality, anti-burst Balance Ball
  • Also available in small (55 cm) and medium (65 cm) balls
  • Tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs
  • Improve core strength, agility and balance
  • Totally impact-free for joint safety
  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Available in 3 sizes: (55, 65, 75cm)

Product Description

The Total Body Balance Ball Workout was developed to combine our Balance Ball with resistance training for maximum results. Leading fitness instructor Tanja Djelevic takes you through a series of Pilates, yoga and strength moves using the Balance Ball to focus on major muscle groups. Improve your body’s core strength and natural balance while getting trim and toned. Workout DVD delivers two full-length, dynamic whole-body workouts that range from beginner to advanced. Kit includes 105-minute workout DVD (Total Body Balance Ball with three 20-minute focused segments on upper body, lower body and abs and Balance Ball Express with three 10-minute segments), air pump and high-quality, anti-burst Balance Ball.

I love mine.  Really.  When my back starts tensing from the long hours of doing nothing but sitting, this ball comes in handy.

My new routine is to use my chair for the first hour of the day (it’s more conducive to using a keyboard), then I switch out the chair for the ball.  Doing so has had three effects:

1) My back gets a major tension break.

2) I’m more focused on the work that needs to get done.  No goofing off.  It’s the result of sitting on a ball instead of a chair!  Roll on!

3) I’m getting a mini workout each and every time I sit on the core ball instead of in my chair.

This is what #winning looks like, my babies!

My philosophy as I get older is to be able to move through life gracefully (OK, who just snickered?!) with strength and flexibility.  I don’t want to be held back by any limitation I have the power to fix.  Sitting on a stability ball while working allows me the proactive stance I favor.

As I was looking up the ball on Amazon, I came across this Balance Ball Chair:

Balance Ball Chair Works Your Core

(source: Amazon)

Oh, Santa!

I’d totally use it.  What do you think?




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  1. I would love one of those Balance Ball Chairs by my computer and maybe even be able to use it at my sewing machine. Its on my Santa List.

  2. A stability ball chair? What will they think of next! Have you heard about the standing desks or treadmill desks? I would love to use either those or a stability ball for at least part of the day’s work!

  3. Cool! I’ve heard people using these at their desks, I’ve never done it. Since I don’t work at a desk I wonder if I could make it work for folding laundry? Haha anyway I can get a little exercise!!

  4. My guy has been experimenting with different seating for his desk, including an exercise ball. He has shoulder issues that easily turn into neck and back issues. He also now has a desk that changes from sitting to standing.

  5. Melissa D says

    I love this Patti! I don’t have a desk (that I actually sit at…it’s more for STORAGE, hee), but I would love to find a way to work balancing into my daily routine.

  6. Good to know! I’ve always been curious about these! Your comment about sitting and working out reminded me of that old TV show, Sit & Be Fit! Haha! Glad this seems to be working out for you!

  7. Debi @MomOnMars says

    Using a balance ball is an old trick for kiddos who have a hard time learning while sitting still. I love that you’ve started using one and that seated one is totally going on my Christmas wish list. Right after my new foot.

  8. If I sat on one of those, I would definitely fall off. But that chair one at the end of your post…now, that looks interesting!

  9. Kimberlee says

    I was using mine to sit on as a chair for a while – then my husband kept taking it and using it at his desk since we share the same room for an office. It does make a difference in your core and posture sitting on this versus a regular chair – I need to start doing it again.

  10. Wow. This is cool! I sit too much too (primarily for work) and I should be doing this. Thanks, Patti.

    • It’s hard to get around sitting all day when you’re a writer, and even though I make a point o get up frequently, the ball helps when I need to stay at my desk longer than I’d like. I know you know what I mean!

  11. I am so going to pull my stability out of the box and blow it up! I’m at my computer hours a day and my legs are aching and stomach (more flabby then before blogging); I really appreciate this post. Thanks for linking up at Wonderful Wed Blog Hop. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  12. Isn’t it great?! I have been using an exercise ball as my chair at work for several years (except while pregnant, when it was too tiring) and it has been amazing at improving my core strength and reducing my back problems! I am looking forward to getting back to it when my maternity leave ends in two weeks, but I have been sitting on a ball sometimes at home, and already my abs are healing faster than they did after my first pregnancy. Here is my testimony:


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