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Lego City Advent Calendar

Holy Lego-Mania, Y’all!  I love bringing you guys the best of what I shop for and find on the Internets (or anywhere else), especially around Christmastime.  You can find some of my favs HERE, HERE and HERE.

When I came across this unique Advent calendar I actually WHOOPED!

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Lego City Advent Calendar (ages 5-12):

Lego Advent Calendar


Product Deets:


I…I…I…am almost speechless with the fun of this Advent Calendar.

Calendar pieces include:

Lego Advent Calendar

As a mom to a son who was madly in love with his lego creations/people/blocks, I think you can understand my exuberant delight, especially if your kids were/are crazy-in-love with Legos, too.

Go ahead.  I’ll wait a sec while you WHOOP! WHOOP! too.

Feels good, right?!  Oh, yeah!  Even more so when you imagine the shivery anticipation of your kiddos opening each new window.  Open!  Open!  Hurry, OPEN!

Well?  What are you waiting for?  I know you have children to delight and amaze with your complete and utter awesomesauciness when you gift them with this Lego love.

Tis the season, y’all!



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Wednesday 16th of November 2016

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Jayleen Zotti

Saturday 15th of November 2014

LEGO Advent calendars have become a tradition for my son. Even at the age of 12, he still likes the LEGO Advent calendar. He usually chooses the Star Wars theme. They really are quite cool!

Patti Tucker

Sunday 16th of November 2014

We did an Advent calendar until Boy left home for college, so I can understand that the Lego tradition stands! Star Wars version = all kinds of yes!


Friday 14th of November 2014

I don't have kiddos, but I LOVE advent calendars! This is adorable!! I want it! LOL

Patti Tucker

Friday 14th of November 2014

Yes! Ain't nothing wrong with that, Melissa.


Wednesday 12th of November 2014

We love these Lego advent calendars, this one is so fun looking, even though my kids are older we are all thinking we should get one anyway! :)

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

HA! A gal who thinks like it!

Helen- Life in Random Bits

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

Oh my gosh, my daughter would totally love this. We're definitely going to have to consider this one.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

I'm so happy you guys like it. I'm seriously considering buying one and hanging on to it for a few years until Sweet E is big enough. LOVE!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.