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Mason Jar Mania Gone Too Far?!

I have taken my fair share of fun-time jabs at the mason jar mania culture.  Pies in a jar.  Cakes in a jar.  Garden in a jar.  Lasagna in a jar.  Texas breeze in a jar.  Jars in a jar.  But now I’m wondering if the culture is jumping the shark with Mason Jar Shot Glasses.

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Mason Jar Maniaimage source: Amazon

Oh, Fonzie!

I’m unsure what to think about this, but the product info is giving me a bad case of the side-eyes:

Take your drinking back to the good ol’ days with the Mason Jar Moonshine Shot Glasses. Each set includes four (4) mason jar shaped shot glasses. The shot glasses are made of glass and should only be washed by hand to avoid damage. A great gift for “Old Timers” and shot glass collectors alike.

#1: I should have never ever given away the for-the-realz moonshine from my true-blue South Carolinian neighbor to my BIL (that I should mention was in a bona fide mason jar).

#2: Um, the “good ol’ days?!”  Today’s as good as any, baby.

#3: Are we technically classified as an “Old Timer” if we drink moonshine/whiskey/Dr. Pepper from a mason jar shot glass?!

I think it’s safe to say the mason jar culture is not dying off anytime soon (nor my loving pokes).  But, I swear, the gloves will be off if I come home to find a Husband has redone the bathroom with a mason jar toilet.

There are some things, as hard as it may seem to this over-the-top culture, that just do not belong in a mason jar.




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Saturday 31st of August 2013

LOL love your humor! While I am a fan of the simple beauty of Mason jars, I love it even more when a blogger has the courage to call out some of the "talent" that appears on Pinterest in the name of "Mason Jar Crafting!" Desperation at its very best! "Jar-in-a-jar?" Oh, I'm sure that's out there too! And repinned multiple times!

Mrs. Tucker

Saturday 31st of August 2013

JAR IN A JAR! I was just kidding. Come on now, be reasonable. Don't do it....or do it and let's see how many pin you get!

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Sinea Pies

Tuesday 27th of August 2013

Doesn't Gibs on NCIS serve drinks in Mason Jars, after he's emptied the stray screws or nails from them of course. LOL They are popular!

This fun post is featured on this week's Wonderful Blog now! Blessings, Sinea

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 29th of August 2013

I don't watch the show, but that cracked me up. Glad you liked the post!

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