Multifaceted Grandparents

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Grandparents are good for more than candy-fueled trips to the zoo, we have an important role to play within society as a whole.



The most shocking stat to me is that only 1 in 4 regularly uses technology.  As a newly-minted Grandmama, I’m searching for ways to change that fact.  The internet and technology are the easiest ways to connect with our long distance children and grandchildren.  Skype jumps to mind, as does Facetime.

Many grandparents have no idea what they’re missing.  I can’t tell you how many times G-Daddy and I have made complete fools of ourselves yakkin’ to Sweet E with the help of technology. (Girl has said that Sweet E is gonna think his family lives in tablet and phone screens!)

My favorite stat: more than 50% of grandparents help younger generations understand the world through discussions about the important stuff.  Talking about the important stuff is the fondest memory I have of my grandmother.  She had an untiring ear, was eager to share a story, and never refused me when I needed to sort through problems.  She was wise and patient of spirit, yet she was firm and always deferred to my parents.

She was a force in my life that no one else could have possibly filled.

Grandparents are more than an older generation with pockets full of fun and time, we are vital threads in the fabric of our families; we are the strong shoulders from which the younger generation stand upon to reach for their dreams.


Now, about technology….

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  1. sweet post! i too am a new grandma and can appreciate your words so much.

  2. This is so true. My son’s grandmother (my mother in law) lives only 2 minutes from us and it’s soooo nice that they have such a close relationship. It’s not nice when he is crying because he wants to stay with her (hey kid!), but it’s really nice being so close!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      We had grandparents within 5 minutes of us at all times and it was such a comfort knowing they were there if we needed them. Plus, it was handy when Boy announced he was running away. when asked where he was going, he said “Grandma’s house.”

  3. I love this post. I may need to use some of these stats for some posts on my blog as well.
    And I like your insights. I love talking with my 9 year old granddaughter about important stuff. She stays with us one night a week and loves being an only child (she has a happy but hectic home with 3 siblings). And I’m also surprised by only 1 in 4 using technology. You are so right….it really helps us keep in touch with family, and it’s essential if we are going to understand our grandchildren since they are raised on it.
    Thanks for this interesting post.

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      The more adults who love our children, the better. Thanks for coming by and joining the conversation.

  4. Excellent infographic. Soon after I awoke this morning, I started my mental list of all I’ve got to do today. One task was to gather stats on grandparenting for a proposal I’m working on. Thanks to you, I don’t have to search through those stacks of stats I’ve pinned and saved. Thank you!

  5. We just keep getting stronger in numbers every day! I would bet on the 1 in 4 using technology that is is directly tied to household incomes. Sadly, there are a lot of parents and grandparents at Amara’s school who have never had the money to own a computer and most of them don’t have Smart Phones. Hard to be tech savy under those circumstances. Good info!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      True. Yet, I still know lots of folks my age or older that are having none if it. It’s like they think the Internet is some weird voodoo! I keep telling them that they have no idea what they’re missin’ (us!).

  6. Carol Covin says

    Love this post and your stats. I just thought we were love and a time capsule. You’ve shown how much of an impact we have on society in general.

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