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Dear Readers, allow me to introduce you to my friend, Barbara Carr Phillips.

Readers, Barb.  Barb, Readers.

Barb and I met online many moons ago when I was just starting out in the blogosphere.  We became online buddies and made each other laugh.  Years later, we met in person and I found her to be as delightful in the flesh as she was online. Whew.  Could have been a bad case of STRANGER DANGER!

Barb and I shared many interests: love of family, wine, a good laugh, wine, and our love for the written word (wine).  We were kindred spirits and writing buds who encouraged and pushed each other to the heights we were meant to fly.  It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to her first e-book for Baby Boomers (that’s us!).

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A Balanced You for Baby Boomers

Here’s the blubitty blurb:

Most people live on autopilot, allowing circumstances to define their lives. They have plenty of hope about the direction they want their lives to go, but never really take the action steps necessary to make their dreams happen.

Maybe they don’t know where to begin or feel overwhelmed when they try. Maybe they just don’t want to be disappointed if they invest their time in something that doesn’t work out, so they just take what comes.

The good news is that no matter how long you’ve been living on autopilot, you can take simple, practical steps to feel happier and live life more in line with your personal values and dreams.

Baby boomers—your life experience and unique characteristics as part of the baby boom generation make you an unstoppable force. But the price has been a life lived out of balance. This book offers tips on how to get back into balance.

The greatest asset you have is you. But achieving any of your secret or long-held dreams is going to be very difficult if you don’t take care of that asset and make yourself a priority.

Intrigued?  Of course you are!

The book covers these areas:

• How to achieve a healthy life balance within each of the six core areas of life: physical wellness, relationships, emotional wellness, spirituality, careers and finances.

• What your core values are.

• How to develop a personal vision statement that inspires you.

• How to overcome common obstacles to achieving your vision.

• How to plan actions that take you from your life experience now to where you want to be.

Not only is Barb a Life Coach- CPC (Certified Professional Coach), a yogini, but she is a two-time cancer survivor.  Her wisdom is hard won.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Raquel @ Organized Island says:

    Looks like a great book! Personal Vision is so important! Barbara sounds like a great person and her views are so in line with what I believe! Following you on Twitter!

  2. Here from the Grand Social and put it on my “wish list”. Thanks for the recommendation- look forward to reading it. BB2U

  3. If I could just push back from this computer I might find time to actually get some books read! I added it to my list — thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Sounds like a winner, Mrs. T. ! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is exactly what I need, I think. Thank you! And thank you for linking up to the GRAND Social! Please excuse my tardy visit! (Better late than never, right!?) ♥

    Hope E is getting all the love and hugs he needs to thrive! (That’s a joke. Could there possibly be any question that he’s getting enough hugs? Doubtful!!)

  6. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m here for the Grandparents Say it Saturday! Have a great weekend.

  7. I would love to read this book! It sounds like one I would enjoy! Thanks for the links!

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