Oatmeal in a Pouch: Suck It!

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Oh, my.  The German is horrified at my unladylike language.  Suck it?!  Oh, Pat-TEE! Have you no shame?

None.  Come on, Mom.  I think we established that a long time ago.

Back to the subject at hand: Oatmeal in a pouch.  Huh?

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Check this out, y’all: Blueberry Acai Flax

Oatmeal in a Pouch: Suck It!

(source: AMAZON)

Looks like those baby food pouches, doesn’t it!  I know you’ve been dying for an excuse to have your own grown-up version of pouched (verb’d!) food to go.  Uh-huh, yes you have!

Here’s the nutritional info:

Oatmeal in a Pouch: Suck It!

(source: AMAZON)

Are you having a happy moment because the short list of ingredients?  I am.

If that doesn’t make you giddy enough, check this info out:

Gluten-Free! (this isn’t an issue in our house, but it may be in yours)

Non-GMO certified! This one causes me to start a happy dance. Non-GMO = good for everyone.

ALL THE FIBER! Y’all know what I’m alluding to. A snack to keep the innards chugging along is a good thang.

No refrigeration is gonna appeal to a wide range of folks/places.  Here’s my short list:

* Hiker’s packs

* Mommy’s park snack stash.

* Diaper bags

* Teachers

* Lunch boxes

* Runners

* Glove box of your car

* Emergency weather kit

* Students

* College care packages

My initial reaction is that they’re a bit pricey, but once you read through the reviews, it seems they’re worth it; they’re a hit!

And if you don’t like blueberry? Luckily, they come in two more flavors.

Classic Apple Cinnamon

Oatmeal in a Pouch: Suck It!

(source: AMAZON)

Raspberry Coconut, for the island spirit in you!

Oatmeal in a Pouch: Suck It!

(source: AMAZON)


Happy Shopping, Y’all!



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  1. This is interesting…and not really sure how I feel about sucking oatmeal out of squeeze bottle…LOL!

  2. LOVE THIS! Sharing on SM!

  3. How was the texture? I feel like that would be the make or break point for me!

  4. I love when I can read all the ingredients! I’ll have to give it a try!

  5. How interesting! I’ve never seen this before. It looks great for those days when I’m running late. Thanks for sharing! Stacie xo

  6. I know my grandchildren liked things like this we get yogurt in a pouch like this and they love it

  7. No.


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