Oh, Mrs. Tucker! Giveaway

Before you get too excited, this is a teeny-tiny giveaway.  There are no cars for everyone! here.  No giant LED televisions.  No cupcakes-for-a-year.

Stop the sad faces…seriously…I can’t jump out of the gate with that kinda swag.  You’d just be disappointed when I then offered something like this:



WHOA!  A fridge magnet?!  W-O-W!

And yes, I’m smiling.

(don’t act like you won’t scratch a grandma to win this)

To have this AMAZING fridge magnet show up in your mailbox, all you gotta do is share the link for the Oh, Mrs. Tucker! website with one other person, then leave a comment telling me you have taken care o’business.  You don’t even have to prove you linked it.  Mrs. Tucker will trust you.

If you want to be entered twice for this STUNNING fridge magnet, have someone click the fancy-schmancy button to become a fan on our facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or join us on Pinterest.  Then leave a comment informing me of your bold double entry!

That’s it!

Now get to entering!

I forgot to add that I’ll close the entries at 6pm, Central Time, on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013.


Winner to be announced soon!


The winner is….JONNA!

Email me your address @ ohmrstucker@gmail.com


Thanks to all who played!


Please Share on Your Favorite Social Media! ~ OMT thanks you! ~


  1. left a plea on my fb pafg (which is telling at least one other person) and begged for a like. let’s hope someone delivers

  2. Sallie Glover says:

    I shared this with Berkeley:).

  3. yay! My wonderful friend Kristin liked your page on fb. Now I get TWO chances at the million dollar prize.

  4. I’M ON IT

  5. I shared this one with the daughter who LOVES magnets — especially cool ones!

  6. Shared it on my FB wall!

  7. I told my dad to read your page even though I hadn’t yet read the entry on how to win. I think that pretty much means I should automatically win. ;p

  8. My friend Michelle (not Shellie) just liked the page!

  9. FB fan (b/c Shelmo forced me to do it, she threatened my life, I promise) and follow on Pinterest. Shared too on FB. That automatically guarantees I’m the winner, right?

  10. i didn’t threat anybody.

    and if anybody says i did i am hurting their weiners.

  11. Since I brought more likes to you than everyone else combined I should win. In the event that I do not I will be willing to accept fudge as a consolation prize.

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      You are the a star LIKE-MAKER! Congrats for a job well-done and appreciated. And kudos for never giving up the fight for fudge.


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