PSA of the Day: Car Seat Safety Stickers

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Car seat safety is near and dear to my heart, for all the obvious reasons of being a mom and grandmama, but also to shed a bit of light in a sometimes confusing world of the newest/latest safety recommendations for itty-bitties.

Today, let’s talk about emergency safety stickers on car seats.

PSA of the Day: Car Seat Safety Sticker

These stickers, filled in with important information, are placed on a car seat in case of an emergency, like a wreck in which the responsible adult is incapacitated and unable to relay vital information about allergies or medications being taken by the kiddo strapped into the seat.  It’s a simple and possibly life-saving why-didn’t-i-think-of-that idea.  Yet, with most ideas that are simple, it tends to be overlooked in execution.

Let’s change that today, shall we?

I’m listing a site where you can either print out a label or use it as a prototype for something you use, either way, DO IT!  (I am not profiting in any way.  Offering life-saving info available is payment enough.)

Car Seat and Stroller Emergency Labels

CAVEAT: As I researched this issue, I came across some interesting info concerning paramedics.  Two different sources (one word of mouth and one a personal friend who is a paramedic) advised that when there is an accident involving a child in a car seat, paramedics typically DO NOT look for the safety sticker.  WHAT?!  It seems to be true.  Their first response is to attend to the child and not waste possibly life-saving moments rooting around looking for a sticker on a car seat.  When I made the point that there may be vital medical info that can assist them in the care of the child, I was told that paramedics have no idea of knowing with certainty that the medical info given on the sticker is up-to-date, or if the child and the info on the sticker match.

The advice I was asked to pass along to you guys was this: If your child has a medical issue, make sure they are wearing a medical bracelet when riding in a car seat.  The bracelets are the gold-standard of passing along this sort of information.

Personally, I like the idea of stickers as well.  More info available = upping the odds for kiddos.

If you don’t have a sticker and aren’t thrilled about going through one of the above sites, you can also check with your car insurance companies and your state DMV for safety stickers, or you can simply make your own, grab some see-through packing tape and get-er-done.

The point is to get on it.  Today.  No more waiting.

Your itty-bitties are worth it.


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  1. This is a great idea, I wish they looked. for it Wouldn’t a bracelet be overlooked as well…? But I totally understand that they have other pressing issues. Thanks for sharing! I hope I never need this.

  2. What a great post! Such an little act could have such a big impact! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a great idea that I had never thought of before! I always thought of alert jewelry but if they really young thats not an option and it never dawned on me!

  4. I had never even thought about doing this! This is so cool.

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