Shower Cap Palooza

Some shower caps are for keeping hair dry, some for keeping eyes dry.

Bathing a baby is always tricky when it comes to rinsing the hair.  No matter how hard you try, inevitably there will be times when the soap gets in baby’s eyes.  So many tears, so much trauma.  Always on the lookout for useable and amusing products (the amusing is what keeps me looking!), I came across the idea of a shower cap for an infant.  Now it appears as if the tears can be avoided.

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Shower Cap Palooza

source: Amazon


He (she?) looks content, right? Hair is getting rinsed. Baby is happy. Mom is happy.

The reviews are a bit mixed, but since it’s on sale for under $3, there’s not much to lose. Go Here.

The next shower cap-ish item is for older kiddos.

Shower Cap Paloozasource: Amazon

HA!  This just looks fun to play with.  Maybe even in the pool.  Although, she doesn’t look entirely convinced she’s not gonna get water in her eyes, does she. If this one is more up your alley, go HERE.

Finally, just for the fun of it, I included a shower cap for the older folks:

Shower Cap Paloozasource: Amazon

I gotta be honest.  When I first saw this shower cap, I was all, “What the holy hell?!”  Then I had a good laugh.

It certainly isn’t your granny’s shower cap, is it!

Want it?  Neeeeed it?  Gotta have it?  Order HERE.

~This concludes our silliness for today~



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  1. Who knew?

  2. What will they think of next?

  3. The baby in the first pic looks so content, like he’s just hanging out in a waterfall. If it had good reviews, I’d snatch one up!

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      I know, it’s kinda a crap shoot, isn’t it. But I figured with the cost so low, it would be worth the shot.

  4. A cap for high-piled hair – how funny! What a great idea for babies and kids. Happy SSS!

  5. Where was that head thing for when my kids were babies? Who knew?!

  6. Last shower cap I had looked like a deranged baggie…these are really cute. I especially liked the infant one, very clever idea!

  7. This is Brilliant!! Gosh, that’s needful for kids and babies. Take care, Linda

    Would love to have you link this with What to do Weekends.

  8. I think the first one is a great idea, but I’m not sure how well it would work. The baby in the pic looks like he/she is thinking, ‘Ok Mom, what are you doing to me now?’

  9. Super clever products. Wish I would have had the one for the older children when my girls were young. I grew so tired of the “look up, look up, look up” during bath time … and they likely got very tired of hearing me say it AND them still getting soap in their eyes.

    Thank you for participating in the GRAND Social!

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      When I saw these products I also had a flashback to those younger years. So awful for them and for us. (and you’re so welcome)

  10. Lol, that baby shower cap is too cute! Looks like it works too. 🙂

  11. This is so adorable and such a great idea! Thanks for linking this post on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope to see you next week. 🙂

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