Skype Made Simple

Technology if fun!  No really.  I wouldn’t kid ya.  Don’t be afraid.

Skype is a fun way to make FREE video phone calls.  Fun and free?!  Believe it.  All you need is a computer/laptop, an Internet connection and a webcam (if you have a newer laptop, the camera is built in!).

Skype Made Simple

#1: Download Skype to your computer/laptop (Skype website).  Detailed instructions HERE.

#2: Do a diagnostics test on your microphone and camera so that when you make your calls, folks can see and hear you, then find friends and family who also have Skype. Detailed instructions HERE.

#3: Set up a password and your unique user name, so others can find you too. Detailed instructions HERE.

#4: Make a call!  Amaze yourself at the fun you’re having (caveat: people can see you…be dressed!) Detailed instructions HERE.

Any Skyperonians out there?  Any tips to add?


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