Summer is Coming: Aquapod Bottle Launcher

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I’m a HUGE fan of filling the kiddie’s noggins full o’education while at play.  You too?!  Well, you’re gonna love this.

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Check it: Aquapod Bottle Launcher

Aquapod Bottle Launcher(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

  • The Aquapod is the most exciting and safest bottle launcher available
  • This intriguing hobby toy requires no assembly and is ready to launch with the addition of a regular 2-liter plastic soda bottle and a bicycle pump
  • Using any ordinary pump, pressurize the Aquapod through the valve stem until the check valve inside the front leg releases pressure and water
  • The Aquapod is built with high quality thick durable plastic and is designed to last

From the Manufacturer

The Aquapod is a futuristic, one piece design plastic bottle launcher made of highly durable ABS plastic. It needs no assembly, just an ordinary bicycle pump, a bottle and water. The Aquapod launches ordinary plastic soda bottles up to 100 feet in the air and is the only launcher available with a built in pressure release valve for everyone’s safety.  Ages 14 and up.

CAVEAT: Small pieces present a choking hazard for children under the age of three.

So, that sounds good, but what does it look like in action?  Um, like this:

Aquapod Bottle Launcher

I defy you to tell me that isn’t some kind of summer fun.  I DEFY YOU!

There are some helpful hints within the comment section on Amazon (you always check those out before buying, right?).  For the most part, if you’re safe and take a few precautions, the Aquapod looks to be hours of fun and stuffing the gray matter with knowledge about physics and math and SCIENCE!  (did you know that physics is a math-based science?  DOUBLE EDUCATIONAL WHAMMY!)

Summer is coming!  Go have some fun.


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  1. Oh wow, that looks like a ton of fun! My little one would love launching bottles all summer.

  2. This definitely looks like something the kids would enjoy this summer! Launching bottles could keep them entertained for hours. LOL

  3. My kids would love this!

  4. All fun and games until Billy takes an Aquapod to the face!

  5. You always find the coolest stuff! I know two little boys who go nuts over anything that zooms, flashes, whizzes, shoots, explodes….and more! They would love this! Perfect summer time fun!

  6. I have two young nephews that are going to be very excited about this gift! Love that it’s safe. Thanks so much for the tip! Headed to Amazon now.
    Visiting from Inspiration Monday – a pleasure to find your fun blog!

  7. Oh geez – I didn’t even realize I was on your blog, Mrs. T – I am already a follower! lol. D’oh! Have a great day.

  8. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be a kid to have a “blast” with this game. Fun!

  9. With our Florida Heat, THIS IS FUN!!!


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