Texas Pecan Coffee + Coupon = One More Reason To Drink

If you don’t like coffee, you may as well click out now, or stick around and let this post be your gateway drug. Dang, that sounded a little skeevy and dealer-esque.  You know, like, “Hey little girl/boy.  Want some coffee?” But, seriously.  Want some coffee?  Or at least a line on something new to add […]

What Grandma Drinks

What Grandma Drinks usually highlights an adult beverage or two, but this post is different; this post is about my morning joe. I’d like to say three things before this post gets underway: #1) I’m certified. #2) I’m happy to share most of my embarrassing foibles in hopes of a laugh.  We need more laughs. […]

Chemex Coffee?!

I. Love. Coffee. I know you do, too.  So…I was initially researching a mason jar coffee maker (what is with me and the love/hate mason jar obsession?!), the  Pour Mason (not available yet, but intriguing), which then led me to this: Chemex Coffee Maker ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you […]

Perimenopause Can Suck It #3: Caffeine is a No-No

Or, as I should have really titled this post: No, I Won’t Give Up Coffee During Perimenopause’s Death-grip on Me The news is not good.  The theory that caffeine makes the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause worse is almost universally accepted as fact, Jack. To which I say, PLLLLTTTTTTT! Seriously.  Touch my coffee and I […]

Coffee + Science = Smarty Pant’s Dream

I filed this under the “Health” tab, because as we all know, coffee is now good for us (well, at least according to some of the studies somewhere on the Internet), which works in Mrs. Tucker’s favor since she drinks about 32 ounces of the brown nirvana a day. I see you doing the math.  […]