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New Grandparents = New Firsts

Yep.  A new first.  I was nervous and excited just like with all my other firsts.  I was jonesing for this first.  Had been waiting all day.  The anticipation was high; emotions were out. of. control. Then, as my first became a reality, I realized it was actually two new firsts: #1) Holding my new …

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11 Things I Loved About Mothering

Not a grandmama….yet! I am still having a difficult time imagining myself as a grandmother.  Just this week I’ve cussed, threatened to kick some figurative ass, eaten candy, danced a little in the streets when I was running, and yelled, “HEY, BABY!” to a neighbor.  I don’t know any grannies like me.  Do you? WHO …

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Baby, Oh Baby

Let me tell y’all that I’m feeling the excitement grow as FB* dives lower and Momma starts peculating.  No.  Nothing, as in active labor, is happening right now, but it could happen in under a week.  I have the 29th in the baby-pool, but Girl needs to get to the 31st, for school purposes. ON …

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