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The Texting While Driving Lie

We tell ourselves we aren’t like them, that we got this thing, that we pay attention enough to text and drive.  Uh-huh. To put it West Texas indelicately: bullshit. I’m not gonna lecture with stats.  I’m not gonna shame folks.  I’m also not gonna turn a blind eye to accidents and deaths that are Easy-Bake-Oven …

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You Did What To My What?!

I received an email from Ducks ‘n a Row, a lovely blog, and this is what I found attached: ~FAINT~ Isn’t the added text beautiful?  (original post and unadorned pic HERE) Here’s what Ms. Sinea said, after advising me she was featuring my brownies on her blog: I hope you don’t mind but I have …

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lady standing holding baby

Nature or Nurture?

What makes us, us? Is it mostly genetics? I largely swing to the DNA side of the aisle because even when I’m trying as hard as I can not to, I hear The German and see The German in my idiosyncrasies.  Her “Oh my Got, Patti!” rings through the air.  I can’t escape it, people. …

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Reuse and Save: Girl Approved!

When Boy was growing up, we were probably the greenest family I knew.  We were green before it was even a thang, y’all! No paper towels.  Paper bags reused for pooper-scooping.  No dyes in our cheeses.  Mulching leaves and grass clippings.  You know, that kinda thing. Wouldn’t you know it, Boy married a gal that …

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