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Sweet E

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Nature or Nurture?

What makes us, us? Is it mostly genetics? I largely swing to the DNA side of the aisle because even when I’m trying as hard as I can not to, I hear The German and see The German in my idiosyncrasies.  Her “Oh my Got, Patti!” rings through the air.  I can’t escape it, people. …

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Stackable Crayons? Done!

Remember in the waning days of summer, when your mom would come home with the upcoming school year supplies?  Remember the much coveted BIG box of crayons (with sharpener, whoohoo!) that you hoped would be yours to show off to your friends?  These are even cooler than those. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon …

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sleeping baby

Open Love Letter

Dear Sweet Readers, Consider this a love letter to all who have opened their hearts, Internet browsers and comment boxes to/on my humble newborn site, OMT!  You have made the last almost three months some of the most fun and rewarding in my blogging career. Thank you. You have allowed me to share my thoughts …

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sleeping baby

Fill Me Up, Baby

It’s been a month, 4 weeks and one day, of growing into my new role as Grandmutter (?), Grannna (?), Geema (?), and I want to share some unexpected truths I’ve learned.  Nothing but the best for you, my sweet readers. Let’s bullet point this truth-down, shall we? * I love my family deeply.  This …

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