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When one of my godson’s contacted me about a grassroots fundraiser for a company he co-founded, Tenativ, I knew this was something you guys might like to be a part of, because, HELLO!, you are givers for a great cause. Yeah, you are. (I am NOT be compensated for this post, merely wanting to share an opportunity)

What is Tenativ?

Creating Opportunity For All

Nearly 100,000 individuals are chronically homeless within the United States. Our goal is to provide sustainable solutions to this issue. We know this won’t be easy. We know we can’t do this alone. We are passionate about the aid we hope to offer but are wary of reinforcing systemic problems, and so we are humbly looking to partner with the best agencies already working in this field in order to guarantee that we are helping, not hurting.

Oh, hai. OMT likey!

Here’s part of their mission statement:


Our purpose is to create sustainable goods and initiatives providing shelter, protection, and access for humanity. Our steadfast commitment is to engage everyday consumers as well as the socially conscious consumer with exciting goods that are highly functional, beautiful in design, and work as a part of a greater mission: to restore wholeness to impoverished citizens around the globe.

Again, nice!

So what is the fundraiser?


150 Miles – 7 Days

From May 18 – May 24, Tenativ will be hiking from Houston, TX to Austin, TX for what will be the first of many TXnTENTS fundraisers. During the 7-day TXnTents journey, Tenativ will traverse 150 miles across Texas in a grassroots fundraising effort for Covenant House in support of homeless teens.

About Tenativ:

Tenativ is a Houston-based company. We believe generosity will be the determining value behind our success.

We have purposed a company that will provide shelter, protection and access to those that need help. As one company, Tenativ cannot do everything, so in partnering with Covenant House we are able to see our efforts spread to the lives’ of teenagers living on the streets in some incredible ways!

The TXnTents fundraiser is how Tenativ begins doing its part. One for which we are so passionate about we couldn’t think of any better action to take than to put one foot in front of the other – for 150 miles.

Did I mention my godson is a co-founder of this amazeballs company?  BOOM! (not that I had anything to do with his amazingness…)

Convinced?  GREAT!  Click HERE to donate.

Follow their journey on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or TWITTER.

Thank you, mah babies.  It’s always a good day when we can help the less fortunate among us.



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  1. Wow that is so cool!

  2. Thank you for sharing this cause! What a great advocacy event!

  3. You call it a company, and they have a nice mission statement about doing good, but what is their business? What do they sell, or make or do?

    • Sam Oliver says


      We will be releasing our first product in June. We have been releasing “sneak peeks” of the product this week via social media. Before we released any products available for purchase we wanted the world to know that the purpose behind the company is what drives us. Our first offering is featured heavily on our Facebook and Instagram pages. In short, over the last 18 months we have created a fully waterproof 40L pack that also contains a deployable and detachable 1-man bivvy tent. And we have many additional products that will be launched later this year. I encourage you to follow us on social media, and join us in this journey.


    • I asked Sam to answer the question for you!

      • Thanks Patti. I wasn’t trying to be snarky, I just thought you would be helping your cause with a little more information. Best wishes for Sam’s endeavor.

    • I knew you weren’t Bob, but I thought Sam could answer it in a more complete way than I could. Thanks for that.

  4. Love this! I’ll do what I can to help spread the word 🙂

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