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The Texting While Driving Lie

We tell ourselves we aren’t like them, that we got this thing, that we pay attention enough to text and drive.  Uh-huh.

To put it West Texas indelicately: bullshit.

I’m not gonna lecture with stats.  I’m not gonna shame folks.  I’m also not gonna turn a blind eye to accidents and deaths that are Easy-Bake-Oven simple to prevent.

Someone dim the lights and let’s watch a few informative reels (thanks to Lisa at Grandma’s Briefs for two of the videos).



This is an issue that I deal with weekly.  I’m a runner and pretty much every time I’m out on the streets for a run, I have to avoid being run over by someone on their phone, either texting or talking while driving.

People are risk takers, I get it.  But, don’t put others at risk with your behavior.  If you’re driving, drive.  There’s nothing so important that it’s worth risking anyone’s well-being or life based on the stupidity of texting while driving.

Don’t lie to yourself or others. Don’t text and drive.


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Friday 10th of May 2013

So true! I counted 30 people using their phone on the way home the other afternoon. That was just in about a 30 minute or 40 minute time span. Pretty scary.

Mrs. Tucker

Friday 10th of May 2013

Sadly, as a runner who watches traffic intently, this doesn't surprise me. Scary, indeed.

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Sandra @ The Adored Home

Thursday 9th of May 2013

This is a very sobering post for sure. It is so true we should not be texting while we are driving. Thanks for the bold reminder! Sandra The Adored Home

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 9th of May 2013

Thank you. It's so important, and in turn it's easy to be bold.

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