Will It Waffle?

Will it Waffle?

What?  You know…if you cook it in a waffle iron, will it be edible?

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Hmmm, good question.  This book, Will It Waffle, answers that burning question.

Will it Waffle?

 (image source: AMAZON)

Oh, meohmyoh!

Here’s the thought behind the book:

How many great ideas begin with a nagging thought in the middle of the night that should disappear by morning, but doesn’t? For Daniel Shumski, it was: Will it waffle? Hundreds of hours, countless messes, and 53 perfected recipes later, that answer is a resounding: Yes, it will! Steak? Yes! Pizza? Yes! Apple pie? Emphatically yes.

Seriously drooling just thinking of the possibilities.

Mr. Shumski is a waffle iron chef (who knew?!) and has perfected everything from breakfast to main dishes in the waffle iron. The book includes 53 recipes and they are spectacular.  Waffled Sweet Potato Gnocchi?  It’s in there.  Waffled Onion Rings?  In there.  Waffled Apple Pie?  OMGosh, in there!

If you’re anything like me, you use your waffle iron maybe three times a year then stick it back in the cabinet.  Now, I want to use mine more.  You?

BTW: this is my personal waffle iron.  I’ve had it for years and will entertain a long ugly cry when it goes to waffle iron heaven.

Villaware UNO Belgian Style.

VillaWare Waffle Iron(image source: AMAZON)

Look at those deep waffle wells.  Can’t you imagine all the yumminess that is waiting to be created with Daniel’s book?

Need a fun birthday gift idea for a foodie?  BAM!  Need a Valentiney present idea?  BUH-BAM!  Need an I’ve-been-good-I’m-gonna-treat-myself idea?  BAMMITY BAM!

If you want to give Daniel a shout-out, you can do so on his Facebook page HERE.

Will It Waffle?

Yes, yes it will, baby.

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  1. We use our waffle maker a few times a year and I make my husband do all the work. This book looks fantastically delicious.

  2. this is so genius! i need it and this recipe!

  3. I recently watched a video with my husband about all of the crazy things you can make in a waffle maker. It’s nuts! Thanks for sharing (: Visiting from andieconn.com/kindness-challenge-week-two-give-someone-book-impacted/ and would love a visit back.

  4. Such a delicious photo on that book, makes you wanna…bite it. (It’s dinner time here)

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