Yes, PLAY With Your Food

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Seriously, I want to play with my food now.

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For the boys:

Play With Your Foodsource: Amazon


For the gals:

Play With Your Foodsource: Amazon


Picky eaters may find that eating their veggies is easier when a little fun is involved.  May…. It’s worth a shot, right?

Here’s some product info: Fred and Friends. Here’s a chance to play with your food and exercise your creativity at the same time. So bring on the mash potatoes and peas-the possibilities are endless. Food Face is mid sized (9-inch diameter) and crafted from hitel quality, food safe, high fire ceramics Individually gift boxed with lots of inspirational food art.

Gonna have to make sure I have a set on hand for when E gets a bit bigger!

(or I may just start my Christmas shopping….now!)

Want ’em?  Click . HERE

The boy’s plate is on sale!  Order HERE.



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  1. Way to cute! Might have to get one for the son-in-law.

  2. i just bought this for future baby showers! love this idea!!

  3. Ha! Gotta pin this and remember for the next round of gift giving. What fun!

    Thanks for participating in the GRAND Social. Bet our fellow grandmas are loving this one!

  4. Oh, how I wish I’d had these when my boys were small – too cute!

    • Even though my son is too old and my grandson is too young, I’m thinking these will make great gifts to those just right!

  5. I have a plate on the way so that we can play with our food! I will be doing a post about it soon! Thanks for sharing at The Gunny Sack!

    • OMGosh, aren’t they the cutest thing? I don’t know if it’s the plate or I’m just digressing, but I bought chicken nuggets today that are in need of a face.

  6. Beth @ Whole New Leaf says

    So cute. I feel like I’d be the one playing with the food more than my son – he probably woudn’t do it right 🙂 We would defintely need more than one!

  7. I have these plates; they’re so much fun! I love these funny iterations!

  8. Oh my those are so fun! I love it! Thanks for linking with me 🙂

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