Roar in the New Year with Little Kid’s Dinosaur Backpack

There’s not a much cuter sight than a toddler wearing a fun backpack on their trek from the car to their classroom. Don’t wait until the last minute and throw whatever dregs you find into your cart at Target. No! You’re gonna be the boss of this new school year and plan on cuteness! ~ […]

MOEDAL + TOTEM = Tents and Backpacks

Um, Moedal what + Totem who?! I’m talking tents and backpacks and simplifying travel. Like this: Moedal = backpack/storage case for tent. Totem = tent: I hear you: Hey, OMT!, that’s a simple tent plus backpack, and, well, we’ve seen those before. Not like this!  The tent fits into the backpack. Wearable shelter (the tent) […]

Back to School Backpacks for the Littles

When Sweet E was here in early summer, just after traditional schools had let out for the summer, he told me that he wanted a backpack. A backpack!  How did we get here so lickety-split?! Since E is actually going to need a backpack for his new school, my thoughts turned to these parent/kiddo favorites: […]