What If I Hadn’t Gotten The Good News I’d Prayed For?

When one gets a medical diagnosis that runs on the scary side, meaning your life is endangered, one works diligently to get to the good side of that diagnosis, if possible. Garry and I knew from the beginning of my diagnosis, based on information we were given, that we might not get to the good […]

Cancer Kind

Maybe you have heard this phrase before: cancer kind. A friend said it to me in reference how well those with cancer are treated, wherever they go. As a person still undergoing treatment for cancer, whose hair has yet to return, I can verify this is a phenomenon. Countless times people have been cancer kind […]

10 Rules Upon My Death

I met a fellow writer, Jill, for coffee and the talk turned to how I handled my diagnosis with humor. I laughed because it’s pretty much how I handle everything; it’s in my DNA, y’all. As we yapped about all things cancer, the discussion turned to wishes upon death (listen, when you face a serious […]

What Does A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Mean?

You may have received a diagnosis for breast cancer, or maybe you know someone who has received a diagnosis. What does that mean, exactly? Are there any similar threads that run through a breast cancer diagnosis? Some, but each breast cancer is unique to the person, as is each specific treatment protocol. Breast cancer is […]

I’ll Pretend Better

Being me is exhausting some days, even before breast cancer. Today, I’m fighting nausea and knowing I must try to eat in the face of understanding that when I do, I’ll feel worse. The feeling will pass in a few more days, just not soon enough for me or those around me. So, I’ll pretend […]

What’s So Funny About Cancer?

Y’all know that I can find the funny in anything. Anything. The worse things are, the more I am compelled to laugh. It’s definitely my father’s DNA running through me and I’m grateful for it. Throughout my life, my ill-timed laughter has been misunderstood by a few, but I find it to be a normal […]

What I Ate During Chemo

Cancer Cancer Cancer! Omgosh, it hasn’t even been that long since my diagnosis and even I’m tired of hearing about it. ~snort~ Chances are if you know someone going through chemo, you know someone who is having a hard time eating. My dearly departed Aunt Mimi and my FIL ascribed/ascribe to the philosophy that if […]

When Your Cancer Insides Show On The Outside

When people find out you’re receiving treatment for breast cancer, but haven’t yet lost your hair, they’re calm and encouraging and full of fight for you. Once you start losing your hair, expect the same encouraging fight with a heaping side of uncomfortable unknowing about how to react properly to your cancer insides showing on […]

What I’ve Learned About Breast Cancer #2

As I write this it has been approximately three weeks since my initial diagnosis.  What could I have possibly learned in three weeks time?  More than I ever wanted to, that’s what. Ready? Set. GO! What I’ve Learned About Breast Cancer Three Weeks In * Every breast cancer is different. * Every treatment is different. […]

Perimenopause Can Suck It #11: Breast Cancer and Heart Disease Risks

Dang it.  Just when we’re almost ready to say ADIOS, AUNT FLO! we encounter an entirely new, sometimes foreboding landscape facing our health. Ladies, let’s pay attention to our changing health needs as we march forward (like the fierce warriors we have grown to be) on this sometimes perilous road in our journey. Breast Cancer […]