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A Review: Need More Flying Disks In Your Life?

When Boy was a youngster, he had a flying disk shooter that ran on batteries. It was one his favorite go-to toys.

Fast-forward to about a year ago, when Sweet E discovered that very same shooter in Boy’s old childhood stash and proclaimed via Facetime that he wanted us to bring it for his birthday.

We did him one better…we bought him new ones!

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Behold the Zip Shot Twin Pack!

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

  • Easy to fire and fun to play
  • Made using safe and high quality materials
  • Each comes with six spare discs

Product Description:

Total X-Stream by Toysmith is toy Air shooter that fires soft foam discs! This set contains a pair of shooters, one orange, one yellow, that each hold six 1.50 inch foam discs. Each comes with six more spare discs as well. Easy to fire and fun to play! While these discs are very soft, as with all shooting toys, never aim at eyes or face and follow all safety warnings. Best when used with adult supervision.

While this foam shooter works off of spring action and is NOT battery powered like the old school shooters (YAY! No batteries to buy!), Sweet E proclaimed it a hit, as he shot the foam rings all over the house, and under the couch, and behind tables.

BONUS: this is a twin pack, so you always have an extra for a friend, or Dad, or Choochie!

Sweet E and Choochie approved!

Happy gifting, y’all!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.