Fun Wine-Related Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is thisclose and today, I have stocking stuffer ideas for your fun-loving wine lovers.

May I present a bevy of bottle-top beauties, sure to give a chuckle.

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Wine Bottle Stopper O'Fun!

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

  • Fred and friends has a great way to preserve the clean, fresh taste of your expensive wine with wine n shine
  • This set of 4 “spray nozzle” toppers lend your bottles a funky, unexpected look while they seal in the freshness
  • The preservers are made from 100-percent silicone making them squishy and able to fit in all types of bottles
  • Wine-N-Shine bottle toppers are fun, durable and well made; they will last as long as your appetite for wine does
  • It’s the new and improved way to keep the sparkle in the bottle and keep your wine fresh and ready

Coq Au Vin!

Wine Bottle Stopper O'Fun!

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

  • Fred and friends coq au vin is sure to be the most fun wine, soda or beer bottle stopper in the room
  • Add an absurd little bird to your bottle and your dinner guests will surely have something to squawk about
  • Modeled after a rubber chicken this bottle stopper is just as good as preserving wine as it is funny
  • The stopper is made of food grade silicone rubber; squeezes to fit any bottle to make an airtight seal
  • Be sure not to kill the chicken in the dishwasher; hand wash only


Wine Bottle Stopper O'Fun!
(source: Amazon)

 Product Deets:
  • Silicone bottle stopper shaped like a plunger
  • Stops your bottle with an airtight seal
  • Made of genuine wood and pure silicone
  • Packaged in a clear, recyclable display box
  • Make sure your wine doesn’t go down the drain

Stopped Up!Wine Bottle Stopper O'Fun!

(source: Amazon)

  • Fred and friends stopped up is just the trick for saving an open bottle of wine for later
  • Use this old-school bottle stopper and keep it fresh for a better day
  • We’ve even attached a handy bead chain to keep everything nice and tidy ’til you pop the plug and pour
  • Stopped up is molded from pure silicone and helps to seal in the fresh in your bottle of wine
  • The durable design allows stopped up to keep on preserving even bottle after bottle

Pop Stopper!

Wine Bottle Stopper O'Fun!

(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

  • This bottle stopper comes one to a package.
  • The stopper is made from polypropylene.
  • Keep beverages in the bottle and dirt and debris out with this stopper.
  • Flick the opener like a can tab to open.
  • Wash the opener fully before using for the first time.

How to pick?!

Happy Stocking Stuffer Shopping, Y’all!

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  1. Oh my goodness, love the chicken stopper!

  2. What fun ideas for the wine lover! Love all of them!!

  3. I don’t drink wine but when I do, no, no, just kidding. These look like a lot of fun and that what life is about. Thanks for sharing on Think Tank Thursday!


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