My Biggest Accomplishment

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Life, if you’re paying attention, is heart-stoppingly beautiful, yet infuriatingly confounding, is open wide and forgiving, yet full of the cruelest of cruels, is laughable, yet able to make you cry the hardest you’ve ever known anyone to cry.  We either embrace the juxtaposition of thrills and chills by making it our best, as best we can, or we hold it off with the limited strength of one who wishes to understand, yet refuses to break the surface tension.

Knowing we have little control, knowing even our best is sometimes failure, knowing all we know from the moment we defied the womb until this moment, on this page, I’m curious to know:

Other than your family (baby, that’s a given for me), what is your biggest accomplishment?

Your Biggest Accomplishment

I’ll offer mine first: It’s my family.  HA!  Calm Down!  While I’m totally not joking, I’ll take them out of the mix.  Just having a little fun.

My biggest accomplishment is my intact faith (scrutinized, excessively examined, then constantly fed with hopes of healthy growth), which has consequently led me to believe in my worth and what I have to offer, no matter the world’s rejectionist rebuttal.

This may seem small to some, but considering a plate full of life’s worst fare, a world hell-bent on pounding disbelief into every soul it encounters, and the fact it would have been easier to discard what has since become the cornerstone of my life (because let’s face it, having faith, living by faith, is one of the hardest things to do), it seems like a miracle to me, or at the very least, my life’s greatest accomplishment.

What’s yours?


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  1. I don’t know if I would have thought about my faith as an accomplishment, but it is something vitally important to me. Other than that and family I would have to say being a Mom while working towards finishing my education (I will finally graduate in December).

  2. My husband tells me everyday that I fulfilled the only important thing on my to-do list: keeping the kids alive. But, I do endeavor to give them the best education possible and nurture their own faith in addition to keeping them from destroying anything. 🙂 I’ll have to think about this some more over the weekend!

  3. Getting sober, 22 years, 10 months, and 16 days ago and staying that way since.

    • Bob. Hugeass accomplishment, brother. I wish that success for many I know. What a gift for you and for everyone you love. Thanks for sharing something so personal. BAM!

  4. OK, my family is, of course my biggest accomplishment, but I would have to say the next in line would be that I have maintained and nourished friendships over many years and many miles. I’ve been told that I am the glue that keeps groups of friends connected and I take that as a huge compliment and a major accomplishment.

    • The threads that run through our communities are many and varied…then there are the cords that bind us…YOU! As a gal who still has friends from elementary school, I know what a feat this is, a calling really. Well done.

  5. Being an artist is probably my biggest accomplishments because it took me a big courage to start doing what I really love. At first I was afraid what people might think etc. But now.. I’m happy 🙂

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