It’s Time to Stop Hooking Up with Fear

Fear is an awful companion; one many of us wish we could shake. It can be the life of the party in the beginning – its dangerous and bordering on unhinged behavior can be familiar and explainable – even, comfortable. Then, one day, you’re gripped by fear in the worst way and all you want […]

Do Not Be Misled: I Was Scared Sh*tless

Caveat: Vulgarity ahead, yet used contextually, with brutal honesty. For those of you who might be offended by coarse language, head’s up: I’m passing along my unvarnished truth without a naughty language edit, hence, HENCE!, the warning. Cancer. If ever there was a word that could scare us shitless, it’s that one. Literally and figuratively, […]

What I Will Tell Sweet E: Face Your Fears.

Fear can paralyze strength. Fear can belittle wisdom. Fear can create chaos. Fear can manipulate truth. Fear can amplify insecurities. Fear can mute goodness. Fear can blacken day. Fear can expand deceit. Fear can wither boldness. Fear can crush action. Fear is slippery and insidious and able to enter our spirit like a virus, exponentially […]