What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Step Up When Someone Falls, Even If They Don’t or Won’t

Dear Sweet E, so many of my words to you deal with the hard edges of life: overcoming rejection, accepting that we are all needy and broken, understanding that you are not your failures, losses or tragedies. These words will be no different. It’s not that I want us to sit with what makes us […]

Fightin’ Texas Mud Run, Grand Mudder-Style

I am saddened and angry about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, as most of you are, and I hesitated to post this joyful entry, but the runners I know keep on runnin’ when life gets tough.  So, I’m taking a page from the runner’s manual and I’ll keep on runnin’.  I hope you do […]

You Say Grandmother, I Say Grand Mudder

I have written before about my lifelong love of running. I. Love. To. Run. One of my biggest joys is encouraging those who think they can’t do it to DO IT!   Lace up your shoes and get out on your neighborhood streets. If I can do it, so can you my sweet babies. This […]

I’m Gonna Be A Grand Mudder

Grand Mudder? Wait…what? Last week I became a grandmother; in April I’ll become a Grand Mudder. Wait…what?!  source: Fighting Texas Mud Run Yep, Grandmama (?) Ima (?) Lola (?) Carlos (?) is gonna participate in a Mud Run.  For the uninitiated, go HERE. I’m a lifelong runner, with a marathon and a couple of halves […]