How Bad Do You Want it? Big Sexy Hair Can Be Yours!

Let’s talk thinning hair – again. Those of us (so many of us) have told Perimenopause to SUCK it. She messes with our body temps, our muscle mass, our libido and our hair. DAMN YOU, PERI! Some of you may grin and bear it, others of us search the market fro thickening, plumping, volumizing products […]

Need a Powerful and Quick Hair Dryer? Dyson.

Dyson makes a hair dryer now? Yep. They’re expensive? Yep. They’re really expensive? Yep yep. Do people love them? Yep yep yep. What us regular folk want to know: is the price worth the technology? I’d lay my money down as a full. stop. Y-E-S. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When […]

What is Day of the Dead?

Today is Dia De Los Muertos. To translate, it means Day of the Dead. Or, more importantly (~snort~), the day of my birth. Sugar Skulls all around! (Jay transformed me into a sugar skull!) Yep, I was born on what is commonly known as (in the Catholic church) All Souls Day, or if you live […]

Review I Never Thought I’d Do Based on Personal Experience

Take a look at these badboys: Yep, used on my own head.  Used them and loved them, so I thought, “Hey! You should write the review you never thought you’d do based on personal experience!” Many of you know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring.  In anticipation of losing my hair, […]