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What is Day of the Dead?

Today is Dia De Los Muertos. To translate, it means Day of the Dead.

Or, more importantly (~snort~), the day of my birth.

Sugar Skulls all around!

What is Day of the Dead?

(Jay transformed me into a sugar skull!)

Yep, I was born on what is commonly known as (in the Catholic church) All Souls Day, or if you live in Mexico or South Texas: Day of the Dead.

CLIFF’S NOTES: Day of the Dead is a celebration honoring the memories of those who have passed. It’s meant to be joyous and festive, even, especially, when you find yourself in the cemetery offering the deceased a shot of mescal.

Not a bad day to be born, right?

This birthday, as with all others I can recall, I’m grateful to have made another trip around the sun. None of us know the day in which we will cease to be, the year in which we are offered the shot of mescal atop our grave, so it is with this thought that I’m filled with joy to still be here, offering the shot to others.

Last year’s birthday saw me sprouting hair:

Birthday Hair!

While this year, my hair is long enough for a starter pony!

One year post treatment!

…and crazy curly!

What is Day of the Dead?

For a gal who has only known straight blonde hair for her entire life, this mop o’silliness continues to delight! Open your eyes, woman!

Today, as I make sure cake hits my piehole and I raise a glass of champagne in glee that I’m still here for a time, I will also pray for those loved ones who have gone before me. One day we will meet again, but today, today we celebrate those lovely souls in their absence.

Y’all have a great day. I gotta run. So many cemeteries; so many shots of mescal.



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Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Hey there! I am Rick Alish from Texas, USA. I ive with my brother and sister and loving parents. I love to reading books and I am big food lover.

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Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

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Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

Happy Birthday! Today is my Brother's birthday too. Your hair looks great!

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

Happy Birthday, Erica's brother!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.