Perimenopause Can Suck It #2: You’re Not Crazy

See!  You’re not going crazy.  Perimenopause, or peri, is the culprit behind all your odd symptoms and we’re gonna discuss her dirty-dealing shenanigans today. Peri, it’s not us…IT’S YOU!   So many of you came and shared your stories or just stopped for a show of support. I love that about you.  We stick together […]

Perimenopause Can Suck It #1: Let’s Begin

Caveat for the Dudes: I’ve had just about enough of my can’t-make-up-their-mind hormones and if this kinda frank talk makes you squeamish, you better head for the hills now, because as was stated in the title: Perimenopause can suck it.  Hard. Caveat for the Gals: You may think you’re too young for this post, but […]