Need a Better Microphone for Your Online Audio Needs?

Online audio is where it’s at, Jack! If you are an online entrepreneur like OMT!, you know that audio is booming. There’s facebook live, IG lives, podcasts, music recording, and even conference calls. If you do any of the above, and I know you do, you are probably looking for a better microphone for your […]

An Insulated Thermos That Will Make You High-Five Your Barista

I am a fussy-pants when it comes to the container that holds my much-loved coffee. Any one surprised? In order of preference: 24 ounce ceramic mug, paper cup, double-walled stainless steel thermos. I don’t use a Yeti, Arctic or RTIC thermos (Garry uses and loves his RTIC), but wanted to put them side-by-side to see […]