A Non-Stick Silicone Baker’s Mat = A Happy Baker

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One year for Christmas I received an unexpected gift from Boy that I honestly thought I’d never use; I got a silicone non-stick baker’s mat.

Confession: I’m an old school baker that eschews most anything silicone.  It isn’t aesthetically or physically appealing to me.  To be honest it gives me the icks.


But, it was my sweet Boy who gave me this thoughtful gift and of course I was going to use it at least once so I could tell him what I thought.  Boy is a whiz in the kitchen and already had one of these mats and loved using it.  I would listen quietly when he told me about it, but I never ever gave any inkling that I, too, would like to add one to my baking bag o’tricks.

Then, there it was, in my hands, wrapping paper undone.  What could I do?  I had to use it.

….suddenly I, too, fell in love.

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My mat is from Crate and Barrel.  I tried to find it, but they no longer sell mine, but from my research, a silicone mat is a silicone mat.  This one is a big seller and lots of baker’s stand behind it.

Check it out: Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat (16.5-inch x 24.5-inch)

A Silicone Mat = A Happy Baker

 (source: AMAZON)


  • Non-stick 100% FDA approved food grade silicone mat
  • Can be used in all types of ovens except direct fired ovens
  • Never needs greasing
  • Simple cleanup
  • Can withstand temperatures from -40F to 480F.

Confession: I have never used it in baking. WHAT?!  Yep.  I still can’t bring myself to use it when baking.  There’s something about an unnatural thingy under my all-natural cookies that still gives me the icks.


So, what do I use it for?  Rolling out dough.  It’s a freaking non-stick miracle for that job.

NOTE: the link above has three different sizes available.  I use the largest: 16.5-inch x 24.5-inch.

I’ve used it for rolling out pie crust, biscuit dough and cookie dough.  Makes sticky dough work easy and with less cussing when trying to lift said dough from surface.

I think every time I use it, I still thank Boy (Thanks, Bunny!) for that unexpected amazing baking gift.

Old dog, new trick: that’s me!

If you are a baker, or know a baker, who doesn’t have one of these yet, I highly recommend the purchase.  I can’t tell you how much aggravation and time this simple mat has saved me.  Worth every cent.

Santa, are you listening?  If so, add this to your “nice” list.

Happy shopping/baking, y’all!


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  1. I’ve always wondered about these!

  2. I love Silpat! I use mine allll the time! Mostly for chicken tenders and roasted veggies! I still haven’t tried cookies on it yet, I need to do that soon!


  3. Thanks for the tips for using it to roll out pie crusts! Adding it to my Amazon list!

  4. Rolling out dough you say. Not having to wet your counter tops and line them with plastic wrap you say. I may just have to order me one of these. I’m in pie-making mode right now, and I hate having to “prep” the counter top to roll out the dough.

  5. Cool, I will have to check this out and add to my Christmas list! 🙂

  6. OH MY GOSH. For rolling out dough?! Genius!

  7. I’ve never used one for baking or dough. But, I’ve been curious. Have you seen any research that using it is bad for cookies, etc.? I have no idea but it also seems weird to me (that chemicals could possibly leach into the sweets during baking.

    • Colleen, that’s the precise reason I haven’t used it for baking. My skepticism abounds. I haven’t done that research simply because I think parchment paper does a great job and why fix something that ain’t broke?

  8. I will have to try this. I usually use a baking stone that’s naturally nonstick. I may have to research this on the chemical front and see if it can leach into food. I used to use silicone baking cups but I noticed a taste (like soap) after a while and I think it picked up the soap flavor from the dishwasher, so I’m thinking there might be some risk there, but I’m not sure.

    • The concern over health safety is one of the reasons I never bake with the mats. It’s the whole “changes when subject to heat” thing that honestly still makes me cautious. I also never cut on it. Basically, I roll out pie doughs and stickier doughs on it. Never thought of a baking stone. I’d need a big one though, as I usually double everything.

  9. My daughter the super-cook and super-baker uses her Silpat all the time and LOVES it. But now I have to ask whether she puts it into the oven…I’m thinking maybe not.

  10. I’ve got one too and use it only for rolling dough – what a joy!

  11. I discovered Silpat years and years ago while watching Martha Stewart. Love them and I bake cookies on them all the time!

  12. Erin Blegen says

    I’ve been looking for something that would be easier for working with bread dough on- and I think this might work! In fact, I was gifted a Pampered Chef mat a while ago that I’ve never used…might have to try it out and see if it works the same. Thank-you for the info!

    Visiting via the Clever Chicks Blog Hop,


  13. Wilton has a sheet for rolling Fondant, it fairly large and I use it all the time for making pies, it is nicely marked in circle sizes, a lot easier than a SilPat Wilton’s fondant sheet can easily be rolled up to get rid of your excess flour and stores nicely too. The SilPat is great for making cookies, I wouldn’t be without mine, cleans easy and takes up little space.

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